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Talking to Girls

Best pick up line from a 20 some thing douch.
I am available if you’re interested. He was just too far for me to fix his manhood. My boyfriend was on the floor laughing his ass off. We don’t train together much

“I don’t often talk to women, but when I do, there’s a SWAT standoff”

Best I think is when a guy came up to me and a friend and said “my sister is looking into lifting can I get your number for her to call you. I’m sure she’d pay whatever you asked”. Wtf…


What do you do when a woman DOES come talk to you in the gym?

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I have picked up one girl at the gym ever, after having used gyms several times a week for several years, and it was purely because she initiated the conversation.

She was using a piece of kit I wanted, she got up and left so I started using it, she came back, I saw she wanted the machine back so I smiled and got off of it for her, and she said that it was fine and I could use it with her if I wanted. From there a conversation ensued.

My point is that I would have never initiated the conversation first. I just don’t think you can ever really talk to a girl in the gym without coming off as kind of a creep, and (although the women posting in this thread can tell me if I’m wrong) it seems that women in the gym are particularly on their guard against guys trying to pick them up. It’s understandable, really, as they’re there to work.

So don’t do it. If one of them talks to you then you can talk back, but otherwise just keep your creepy little self to yourself.

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I met my ex at the gym by training hard and smiling at her if we crossed paths. I was in college and lifted after practice in my baseball practice gear. She walked up to me and started asking questions.

Wasn’t creepy, just lifted hard and was friendly when the opportunity arose.

This is probably the best advice in this thread. It worked for me one time so now I’m 1/1 with it. I’ll never try it again because I’d like to keep my success:attempt ratio perfect.

In all seriousness, I’d just wait a while. You seem pretty desperate (no offense) based on all these posts you’ve made. In 5 years, when you’re 23 and all jacked & tan, are you going to want an 18 year old girl to hit on you at the gym? Probably not. It would make you pretty uncomfortable.

Example: I’m 20 and I coach shot put + discus + olympic lifting with my old coach where I went to high school. My second week there, I noticed two freshmen girls staring at me every time I finished a set, which made me pretty uncomfortable. I went to the drinking fountain, got my drink and turned around, and they were standing right there. They started babbling about random shit and followed me all the way back to my squat rack on the other side of the weight room. I did my best to conclude the conversation, and I did another set. Racked the weight, turned around, and they were still there.

I didn’t go to the weight room to talk to girls, especially not girls that are 5-6 years younger than me. The weight room is not a place to talk to someone who is serious about lifting. When I lift, I’m in the zone. If someone talks to me and takes me OUT of the zone, it puts me in a bad mood. People are less inclined to go on a date with you if you put them in a bad mood. So, if this girl benches the 50lb DBs (which is a lot for any girl as far as I know), she’s pretty serious. I think that if you approach her, even if it’s for something that’s perfectly innocent (“Hey you forgot your water bottle over there, here you go”) the most you’ll get is an “Oh, thanks.” Bide your time. Get bigger, stay quiet and mysterious, and focus on yourself. Girls are attracted to confidence and power (or that’s what I’ve been told). Your best bet is to become the biggest, humblest, most confident guy in the gym and then go from there. My 2 cents

Edit: None of this was meant to be a shot at you, your personality, your character, etc. It’s just a fact of life that girls like that who are 10s are usually with guys who are 10s, which, as we know, is a very small portion of people. Your girl is out there somewhere. You just have to be patient. Meeting girls in class is absolutely the best way to do it IMO. Group projects, labs, homework, studying; all very reasonable, valid reasons to talk to a girl and spend some time with her outside of the normal environment that you share with her.

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me thinks you’re trolling BUT there’s a very simple AND EFFECTIVE trick when a girls talks to you at the gym…you immediately proposition her for sex. That’s why she’s there. Just for that. For the D…

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I tried to approach a dude at the gym once. He was a rare sighting as he was a powerlifter decked out in SBD gear .

Only the second time I’ve seen it in the 6 years I’ve been there. He had all the same shit as me . Belt, wrist wraps, knee sleeves . Hell, he was even wearing a marvel shirt . So I went over to take a weight off his squat rack and asked if he was using it. Then I expressed excitement over our matching of everything and tried to make conversation about programming . He said maybe two words back to me and it was the most awkward thing ever.

Lesson learned : Jenn can’t talk to guys !!! But she already knew that :expressionless:

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Awwww :hugs:

He probably wondered why he ever went back to a commercial gym and went back to lifting at home :joy:


Nah, he might have his sis or mom walk in and not know how to talk to them either. Who knows his mom might get upset with him…sounds like he needs a good spanking :crazy_face:

Is there any way for you to attempt the pickup while filming with a selfie stick so we can critique your form?


Don’t be like that - maybe he was in the zone … I get a little short when I get pulled out of the zone - doesn’t matter who it is. I’m sure it would’ve gone a bit different had it been when he was finishing his session…


Please let this be a thing. Pick up form check.

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I guess… I’m pretty serious in my zone too, but I woulda been over the moon to have a powerlifting dude approach me

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Don’t hold your breath … still waiting on HolyMacaroni to post his video of him setting off the lunk alarm in PlanetFitness … it’s been like 10 years of blue balls from that one … MMF blue balls to boot…


Awww, hopefully one day🤗

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Try grunting and pointing next time. Powerlifters have trouble with The English.


Damn. And here I was thinking that she wanted to talk about lifting and programming, neither of which I know anything about.

Next time a woman talks to me in the gym, I know what to do.