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Talking to Girls

Hey guys I was wondering what to say to girls… for example i have seen this girl at the gym multiple times and she is perfect (for me hahah some of you guys might think she is to jacked) anyways i think she is a couple years older than me atleast(im 18 she is probably atleast 22/23)so my chances already are not looking good. If i do talk to her at the gym when should i and what should I say? thanks guys… i already commented this but no one replied to it haha

“Hey, I’ve noticed you’re here a lot too. (smile) I’m Rangersfan30. (shake hand)”

Just don’t be a lurking creeper or constantly staring. If you make eye contact more than once then you’re for sure good to go. Based on your posts in here, you’re probably not going to go up to her though. Just being real with you.

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i just started going to this gym and all the other guys a way more jacked but also alot older… i have made eye contact with her a couple times (she looks away quickly) so i just dont think she likes me but not too sure… do you think it would work if i said like i have a nice car or something idk man im a lost cause with this sort of stuff

How bout you get off the internet? That’d be a good start.


LMAO what? A nice car doesn’t make up for being socially awkward. I dunno how you would even work that into your opening intro anyway…

IMO you shouldn’t really be trying to approach chicks in the gym. It’s a bit douche… However if you guys happen to be walking in or out of the gym together you can introduce yourself. Just don’t try to bend over backwards thinking she is perfect. Who knows she might be a psycho (more common than you may think).

I wouldn’t ask her out on the 1st convo is what I’m saying. Take it slow, if the chance comes up that you can ask her for a spot or help her with something than try to take it in a non weird ‘omg it’s a girl’ type way.


I find unsolicited spotting mid-set on a squat is a great way to break the ice. Aim for rep 4.

Then correct her form. You should have primed her for a date question then…


i normally dont try to pick up girls at the gym or at all really but i started working out with the purpose of getting them and she is insanely attractive. I just have no idea what to say?

x2 just have a bunch of short ‘hi hows it going’ interactions 30 secs tops, and end them first. Dont try and be clever or any BS about cars

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Dude, ya gotta have confidence and not seem creepy. I don’t mean act like you are stuck on yourself, but be friendly, respectful maybe ask to spot. Just try to relax. Back in the day of my meat market days, I coul spot a guy who had his shit together and could tell if he was deviating from his goals that day to help me out or if he was a playa.

Just gotta slap her ass mid squat, tell her she did good and then ask if she wants to sploosh in the family locker room. Works for me about 7.5 out of 5 times.


This guy.


Sploosh haha never heard that phrase before. You’d break your hand if ya slapped my ass mid squat😉

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you can alternate sploosh by asking if you can go spelunking in her bat cave. Both work.

You do realize spelunking is for non experienced cave diggers, eh?


Based off of all OPs posts I would say that he is new to exploring caves, so it works.


In that we are in agreement…just being cheeky

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I wouldn’t start with caves if I were you. Joking aside, some actual advice (as a female gym rat):

  1. Don’t give advice, form critiques or offer to spot unless she asks
  2. Offer to help rack weights after she’s done with an exercise- she’ll appreciate it and you could probably get some good conversation going
    • to make things less awkward, at least pretend you’re planning on using the machine /bar after her
  3. Start off with common interests (probably lifting) and remember not to brag
    good questions to ask: How long have you been lifting? What are your goals?
  4. Don’t stare
    I hope this helps!

Its all about having game.

Ask her to help you juggle kettle balls because you need someone to toss you the third one. This will give you an opportunity to show off your physical strength and prowess.

When she does, act like she did it wrong an almost hurt you. This will take her down a notch and make her feel like she needs to do better. Tell her how famous you are and make sure some money (thick stack of hundos) falls out of your pocket. Make her pick it up and put it back in your pocket because your hands are full juggling kettle balls. When you get done hand her a towel and turn around so she can dab the sweat off of your back. If you have to just point a little so she gets the idea. Lick your lips a few times while you’re talking and pause for a second like you’ve tasted something delicious. This subtlety makes her want to kiss you.

At this point you’ve established yourself as the Alpha, so don’t talk much. Just gesture a little with your hand the direction your going and give a quick whistle. Mention your Bugatti Veyron a few times but don’t call it that. Call it your B-Vey. She won’t know what that is, so you should correct her tersely. Nod towards the door and walk her that way, but before you get in, act like the car may not like her that much either, so she should pirouette so you can see if she’ll work with the seat. <—Tell her that.

Drive off with her to go be awesome somewhere else for a while, but don’t get grabby right away. Its all about the seduction, ya know?


What kind of shit does she do at the gym? Like what seems important to her ? I’m passionate about squatting and delt growing so if some dude took notice ie: you’re squat is impressive I would be flattered and would be willing to start a smile relationship lol.


Just walk up and say hey girl you look fucking awesome today! I would love for you to be the mating partner for my children. We may need to practice before we get serious about it. Let’s get together say tonight my place, I’ll have the pasta to feed you then we can begin…