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Talking to Girls as Friends

I don’t know much about talking to girls as friends outside of school. Any advice? I was at a grocery store today and the cashier didn’t look that great and didn’t wear a bra (ughh), but I liked her jewelry and atypical fashion sense. This was a whole foods store, and if there is a typical ‘whole foods eater’ or w/e New Age person, she sorta looked like it. Anyway, I was getting ~10 pounds of bananas and she asked me what I was gonna do with them and we talked about that a little. I would have liked to talk to her about her buying into what the store sells and the ‘health foods’ image, where she goes to school, etc, you know, typical introductory stuff, but I wasn’t sure how to start that or introduce myself in that situation where we had already been talking. My weenie got up a little just from talking to her. I can count on one hand that number of girls that has happened with, and one is my girlfriend. It would have been easy for me to just ask her out, but I didn’t know how to start a friends convo. Any advice? On another note, America is kinda weird; I look to an internet forum for this kind of advice because I only know one person older than me that I would ask for this type of advice, and he’s usually busy.

This happens to be my specialty. There’s no hardfast rule for developing a friendship with girls, just gotta be casual and confident. And treat them as your equal.

Don’t act like you’re trying to get into her pants. This is easier if you really DON’T wanna get in her pants.

Sounds like you have a foot in the door to me. Although I’m not sure what your goal is. The title implies you want to talk to this girl as a friend? But you mention catching wood just from being around this lovely child of the earth.J/K anyway regardless of what your goal is, your best bet is to just keep talking to her as a friend and act like you don’t really care too much about her in a romantic sense.

What exactly are you going to do with 10 pounds of bananas anyway?

Yes, I agree. That’s the real question here.

…I was getting ~10 pounds of bananas and she asked me what I was gonna do with them …

This was your chance! She obviously was trying to make some sort of phallic/sexual reference, and you didn’t pick up on it. Hell, you probably could have had her right there, right on the counter.

My advice: Think up something really good to say, starting with: “You asked about my bananas. Well, …” and take it from there.

Good luck, and let us know how ti goes.

I’m a little confused. Is this the same clintpatty that posted pics of scantily clad preteens getting high on one thread, claims to be agnostic yet preaches straight from the Bible against premarital sex in another thread, claims to have a girlfriend yet wants to become “friends” with a chick that gives him wood in this thread? How many of him are there or shall we just call him Cybil?

The answer for this thread anyway is “Sac up and tell her what’s on your mind.”

Try something as convoluted as “Hey, I really liked what you had to say about “X” and would like to get to know you better… Wanna get naked and smoke some pot with me - cuz of course we ain’t gonna have sex cuz it’s wrong, sister.”


Now that’s some funny shit.

Wow ~karma~, you must have heard my opening line before!

karma, I can be agnostic and know what the Bible says. I can tell others what the Bible says without believing it. I wanted to get to know her as friends because she seemed really cool. I didn’t want to ask her out or lay her because I have a girlfriend. Yeah, I do like preteens that smoke.

wow i love karma.

hahahahahha, that’s funny shit Karma.

Anyway, yeah, just tell her that once she covers up her drooping chesticles you’d like to hang out with her. J/K Just be cool, talk, and be an ass, but not an obnoxious one. The kind who’s comfortable around himself and with himself.

you may have a girlfriend, but you still want to fuck her…that’s why your dick got hard…you don’t want to be her friend. first off, be honest with yourself.

greekdawg, how about-I don’t want to put myself in a situation to fuck her because I care about my girlfriend. I was getting ~10 pounds of bananas because they cost less than $2. So are most of you saying I should just talk to her like I felt like doing, sorta like talking to someone at school who I knew of but didn’t really know and was talking to the first time?

Read clint’s response to the “Has This Ever Happened to You?” thread just a couple of posts down (his is like the 6th reply)

“or lay her”.lmao are you a hula girl now?lol