Talking Compound Differences and Next Cycle, First Time 19-nor

so far I’ve only tried dbol,anadrol and testo for my cycles with the test only going over 400mg experimentally (I hated the higher doses with their diminishing returns and sides) so only 300to400 mg for base in my cycles
so far done a few cycles where I tried test only, test dbol kickstart and test anadrol finish
dbol yielded the best risk to reward ratio results for me as I have never gotten any estrogenic sides on any dose of anything I’ve taken so far (even upped my dbol to 50mg once)
I lost access to every oral other than anadrol and since I hate anadrol for how unsophisticated of a drug it is for gaining lean tissue , from what I understand it is literally putting stress on everything else on my body just so I can have more red blood cells available for building muscle and even though other anabolics also do it, this is anadrol’s whole schtick since it’s direct AR binding affinity is low
it IS effective as fuck but motherfucker the general unnecessary oxidative stress are really not worth it IMO
so since orals and upping my test are out of the question, I want to add a more tissue selective compound, I’m open to suggestions but I’m primarily eager to discuss deca durabolin
can I have your experiences and opinions on this compound? the dosages in ratio to test I’m going to base it over? etc.

also if u want lower doses and lower risk - insulin and GH are something people always forget… people will pump themselves with anadrol but be afraid adding 10% of insulin to what they already naturaly have.
there is just so much steroids can do… there are lots of other pathways to explore…

as far as 400mgs of test… welp, unless you are below 200lbs, i dont think it will get u far no matter what you add… show me a 300lbs dude who gained that size on 400mgs of test and whatever amount of deca or tren and didnt even add a bit of insulin.
if you can tolerate only test at the dosage thats lower than most big guys cruise, the whole steroid thingy just might not be for you…
you definetly can play around and have loads of fun with compounds i listed with lower dosages - sure… its just that you should keep your expectations lower than most people have when they think about steroids.

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I gained just fine on the first cycle of test only 400mg, barely bloated (aside from the intramuscular nutrient/water retention) 9kg in 2 months, kept about half of it (there was some fat too since I ate like 4k calories daily)
I’m 1,72m under 200lbs but yeah I mean I gained well on last 2 cycles but instead of upping test I’d rather add a more tissue selective compound
is EQ not similiar to anadrol in the way it mainly indirectly stimulates muscle growth by shooting your RBC count way up? sounds a lot like the anadrol I’m ditching ( though I might still run anadrol as a Kickstart it won’t have the spotlight like it did in my last cycle, ran it at 100mg for 6 weeks, instead I plan to run it for 4 weeks at 75mg for kickstart of this cycle)
also anadrol gave me some crazy androgenic sides like agression to the point where I genuinely wanted to fight and kill god, coupled with a libido that truly fucking took me to the lowest moral points of my life so fuck tren that’s out of the question
deca though, I really want to know how high I can run it without having to up my test over 400, I hear there is some ratio to this since deca has super weird interactions with estrone, estradiol, progesterone and prolactin ( I heard somewhat similiar interactions about anadrol where it doesn’t directly aromatize or something like that but I literally never had the slightly estrogenic or prolactin side effects )

Have you considered using an ai and doing blood work to dial it in? Start really low dose and test blood. If you feel good, and numbers aren’t crashed, keep it there, if not increase a bit and repeat the process until you feel good.

Test doesn’t have significant reduction in gains near 400 mg/wk imo. Once you are getting into the gram and a half territory, then yeah. But, 750 mg/wk is generally significantly better than 400.

Test can be pretty clean too. I run a 5 alpha reductase inhibitors (finasteride) as well as ai when blasting. I don’t get terrible sides (have run 875 mg/wk). Don’t get much extra body hair and don’t lose head hair. Adding these two things does impact things like liver values and lipids, but running another compound almost always did too. I think generally the other compound is worse. I’m a high responder to adex, and finasteride though (I don’t need hardly any).

my estradiol was twice over the top range when I ran it at 600mg but what made me feel bad was the androgenic sides like irritability, agression, blood pressure ( I REALLY didn’t notice much bloating so I’m guessing it was from RBC count) and ungodly libido ( me no want and me no need, me all readt horny enough for me own good)

I don’t know man I’ll look into that finasteride stuff but I can definitely tell you test dosages are definitely relative to size and AR experience, 750 is absolutely a horrendous dose for a 5’7 guy like me who’s only a couple cycles in.

I’d like to know more about you guys experiences on deca though

Well thats the thing that if you cant tolerate low dose test, deca is much much more complicated.
First thing - i wouldnt run deca higher than test but like 400 test and 300 deca is not much of a dose. If u can gain from that you probably dont need deca anyways.

All the sides you mentioned that you for some reason cant tolerate are there with deca also, of course.
As far as this weird dislike for increased RBC - all steroids to that, its a lot of the reason why they exist in the first place and as far as steroids and gains goes - increased RBC is a tool for making gains on drugs, so idk why do u even mention it as a side effect.

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“weird dislike” : D I already said I know RBC count rises in all gear if you can read, and then I said boldenone and anadrol do it much more, all gear do the somewhat same things just different rates that’s why they have different sides and people do different stacks based on the sides they get that is exactly what I’m explaining to you for the third time😂 did too much tren rot your brain or something
" you’re not going to gain much on 300-400mg bro you might as well be natty wouldn’t be too different anyway" you really can’t comprehend the concept of relative dosage for individuals? I’m here explaining to this dude that I’m getting sides and he keeps religiously babbling about his dosage beliefs because his numbed out junkie ass pinning god knows whatever grams of gear weekly
:joy:like I’m talking to a handicapped kid that needs to have the same thing explained to them over and over again before you can have a real conversation
either contribute or fuck right off instead of repeating the same babble over and over again
like yeah ok dude I won’t pin anything less than a gram if I want to see growth you’re right hurray now fuck off

Ok i understand what you mean with agression. Crazy.


You came on here asking for help and hankthetank89 has offered good advice and information. He knows a lot more than you, and you treat him like that.
Clearly you have an aggression problem.
Hes given several different combinations for you to try. We all would rather read his posts and replies than those from an overly aggressive ignorant fool. So to finish this post in the way you finished yours, “now fuck off”.


He is acting like my ex.


Deca is towards the top of the list of AAS that increase RBC.

If you want low side effects, Deca aint it. It is on my list of “not interested in dealing with that” drugs.

If you want low side effects, think about spending your money on Primo. The only bad side IMO is hair loss (which you could combat with something like RU58841). You are not going to get much cleaner than Test and Primo, and if you want to go crazy throw in some GH.

Deca is kinda a Russian roulette drug. Some do just fine, but we have enough guys here that get sexual sides on it, that I’d rather find a different way.


I’m starting a Test C/Eq blast now at 500 each. I might increase the test in a few weeks. I don’t get sides at 500 any different than 750. @hankthetank89 has a point, take it or not, there are diminishing returns. There are also times higher risk get higher rewards but that’s individual. If your risk aversion keeps you from upping to that level, that’s your choice and absolutely fine.

Side note for some levity: I just got my Eq delivered. I went to swap out some Deca that I didn’t want to use since i’ve already tried NPP and didn’t love it. I mistakenly threw out one vial of Eq instead of the Deca, and injected 125 mg of deca twice in the past week before I noticed lol. My dick still works for now lol. There’s a problem with keeping the meds in a dark lock box!

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