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Talking 'Bout My Generation


OK this has arisen out of a discussion me and Tiribulus were having in the gay marriage thread; let's helicopter this idea out of that ugly cesspit.

The elder generation have complained about the younger generation probably since the dawn of time. reference can be found to it in early Greek literature, and it is repeated throughout history. The young are rude, insolent, they do not listen to their parents, they engage in corruption.

However, rising rates of child obesity, declining exercise, a 'nanny-state- culture', all this could be argued to adversely affecting youth. Some have pinpointed the rise of the counter culture in the 60s as when the rot set in. I am interested in people's opinions on this. Are we undergoing a cultural crisis? Or is it a load of hot air? i personally disagree with the fact my generation is degenerate, but I would like to hear other people's opinions before I explain them.

(I am aware 'a college kid sitting on his pol sci proffesor's lap' is a favourite insult round here, but now we can express our views :smiley:


Its just hot air. its an insult some of the older members trow out when they dont have any
counter arguments. If you take the time to read a lot of the treads from the last year, you would
see that it is only liberals and other leftists that gets this moronic insult. There are some rightwingers on
this forum that are younger than me, but who never gets put down with the age card. The card have also
been used against 30+ members here who dont agree with the conservativ worldwiew. So its just horsecrap and
I would say to ignor whoever uses the age card.


I have about 20 18 inch posts addressing this very thing. I'll either dig one up or do another when I get the motivation.


It's because when people get older (or more mature) it seems that they understand that there is somethings that you have to take for granted or in other words there is certain prejudices that are to be held as reasoning everything out is a fools game and usually leads to horrendous conclusions that pragmatically do not work. Like protestantism. :wink:



Your generation has not had to learn what it means to work for something, not nearly to the extent that older generations have. You kids would have never made it through our grandparents age, shit I don't know if I could have made it through that.

With the advent of technology, each passing generation gets it easier, but I think nowadays, you kids being tortured means taking away your cellphone or Ipod. Many of us older guys had our asses beaten, worked jobs from our teenage years, and when the shit hit the fan, the only thing we got was a sympathy look.

My dad, still to this day, even in his 60's could outwork kids half his age (me included). I have a great uncle who is 83, who just got back from visiting his mother in Italy, she is 102. It is my belief that more than it being a product of the individual, it is more a product of the time and generation of people. Because they have had to struggle for so many years, and from such a young age, they have had their work ethic ingrained in them permanently.


I think one of the big things in our generation is the gap between those who want and strive for success and those who have horrible entitlement problems. I spent most of my younger years on a farm, so I went to school, played sports, and worked on the farm. I've got quite a few buddies with really similar stories, but I know at least 100 people my age (20) who have never held a job in their life. One of my frat brothers has never worked, and when he runs out of money (that his parents give him) he calls his folks and they send him more. Also the technology thing has helped instant gratification greatly.

Bambi, I'm with you- I don't think our generation is degenerate or anything like that, we are just much more publicized than others so our faults are aired out for all to see. There's plenty in our generation that work hard as hell and don't think the world owes them anything.


We all have prejudice BC regardless of age. I found myself having less for every year because I learn something new every year, but you are taking this from Burke right.

As far as I remember he said something like this: prejudice is inherited wisdom that have stood the test of time and are therefor usefull and based on his logic, inventing the wheel( so to speak ) again could have disastrous utcome, because one person cannot grasp the complexity of society and therefor his idea could be wrong. So its safer to hold on the prejudice.

ps. I LOL`d at the protestant joke.


Love is a decision. A commitment of the will. Not a fluffy hormonal sensation that one falls in and out of. Children who grow up in a faithful committed family consisting of one man and one woman for life despite the human foibles of both parents, learn all the things that make that possible. Self sacrifice, self control, keeping your word (vows), productive problem solving and high principles in interpersonal relationships including business and finance as I promise you people who maintain a truly faithful commitment to one another are much less likely to be lured into crooked financial practices.

They learn that there are things in life more important then the instantaneous fulfillment of self absorbed hedonistic pursuits. Most children today learn, if mom and or dad, not to even mention this decaying culture are any example, that whatever YOU want right now is paramount. They learn that piddly things like actual faithfulness in accordance with marriage vows and their own nurture will not be allowed to stand in the way of whatever looks like the most self worshipping fun at this moment. This generates an ever downward spiraling culture of ME ME ME NOW NOW NOW as they grow up and produce more like themselves and so on.

Throw in the truly sick notion that even an unborn human life at it's absolutely most needy and vulnerable should be killed if it interferes with YOU even though YOU are responsible for producing it and it astonishes me that anybody has to ponder what has gone wrong with this country. The 60's generation is now in ascendancy and we are reaping what we've sown. No political movement will ever make a dent in this the rotten soil out of which everything else grows. This country will never EVER be stronger than it's truly faithful committed families. The academic eggheads can research and study blah blah blah blah blah, nothing anybody can ever say to me will convince me otherwise.


Max is dead on with regard to work ethic, but I think it can also correlate to how much hardship you've endured while being responsible for other people.

When I was younger and single and before I had kids or any major responsibilities, my perspective on life was FAR different than what it is today. As you grow up, you make mistakes and you live and you learn. You tend to be more reckless and carefree. You often speak before you think. Because there's only YOU to worry about.

When I had kids, things started to change - particularly in my early 30's. It was less about working my job and living for the weekend and more about establishing a career so that I can meet the financial milestones necessary to retire and put my kids through college.

Since the recession hit, things changed again. I had to begin making more difficult choices. I faced major losses to my assets, hits to my income and increased responsibility. I have a perspective now that would have been impossible to have while I was in my 20's.

I think my son's generation will be saying the same things as they get older and as societies and standards of living change. It's all relative.


I unno, I'll have to ask my grandfather where he got it.

Lol, my grandfolks chuckled as well when I said that over the speaker phone...mostly because my aunt is unitarian or whatever it's called.


Things change, older people are comfortable where they are, the change scares them. That's all it really means to me.


This is incorrect.
It's like saying WW2 soldiers were much more brave than today's soldiers because today we use "safer" methods of combat (insertion via helicopter, etc - instead of storming a beach en masse).
The face of war has changed, as has life. Blame or thank technology.
Today, work is much less physical and much more mental.
The sheer amount of mental work, that kids have to cope with, today, is beyond what it was several decades ago.
5 decades ago, having a degree in anything meant you were pretty much a genius. A masters meant you were top tier and a PhD meant you were a God.
Today, everyone is expected to have a university degree and you need at least a masters to land a decent job.
Life is still difficult. It is still challenging. The difference is the nature of those challenges.


I tend to agree with Florious , most of the people on these threads want you to post only if you agree with them , if you have a different point of view than they ,then you are some how less than they .

I personally do not think many older people participate in this forum , I think there would be a wider scope of discussion rather than , Jesus , Republican point of view


I would disagree about the war and bravery comparison,

In WW2, soldiers had to kill other soldiers literall face to face, or at a much closer distance than we see today. Today, we have bombs, missiles, and technology that guys in the 40's didn't have.

I also disagree with your idea that mental work was or is more mental. As cave people (which we still are biologically), we still work to solve the problems that we face on a day to day basis. We want/need to feed, clothe, protect, and provide for ourselves and our tribes. Whether that is done by plowing a field or playing Mah-Jong all day in a cubicle are the only things that have changed. Tech has made it less physically strenuous to make a living, but the want and need to make a living are the same.


It's not hot air, it's true. We're seeing something we haven't seen before - the concept of "adolsecence" and its extension into much later years. The current generation has a very odd set of values, some of it not their own fault. But much of these values aren't good.

They have a nearly insatiable sense of entitlement.

They are narcissistic.

They expect society to underwrite the risks they want to take in the name of "self-expression".

They are too married to the concept of instant gratification, rather than investment.

They aren't intellectually curious; they are obsessed with reference, not original ideas.

These are generalizations, of course, and I don't even think these vices are all their fault. A fair portion of these can be attributed to, well, bad parenting. Children receive values instruction from their elders by and large, and many of the new generation have simply been taught to extend their immaturity and lack of discipline as long as they can from parents who are (and have been) completely unserious about raising children into wise and responsible adults.


This sounds like the rubish my parents told me half a decade ago


Bad parenting is universal, what is specific for this time is the amount of sensory exitement everybody receives and the easily following dependence on this exitement. Work is seldom exiting.


In my country extension of asolsecence started in the 60`s because higher education became cheaper, so more young people where students for a longer time. This is my dads generation and the guy is 59.

any examples to clarify what this mean?

well I have a picture of myslef in my avatar, so you might be right on that one LOL

could you expand on this? Are you talking about adrenalin junkies or am I missing something?

could you explain this some more?

I dont know about this one. There are a bunch of young guys like me on this forum showing an interrest in political theory and the like. Maybe we are the exception, but I dont think a bunch of guys on a bodybuilding site is an exception when it comes to intellectual matters.


It is. As much as he might like to try and intellectualize his way out of it, there is no escaping the fact that he is, now, an old geezer. Sipping lemonade and yelling at those darn kids to stop playing the rap musics and get of my lawn you whippersnappers!


And how has your rejection of that "rubish" [sic] worked out for you so far?