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Talked Into Buying NO2

I got talked into buying NO2 from a guy at GNC -I read the article that it was a scam -does anyone out there think it works or should I just trash it.

I’ve read on here that it doesn’t, but I know guys that swear by it. Either way, you bought it so you might as well take it. It’s not going to make you lose muscle

First there is something just inately wrong with letting “Some guy at GNC talk you into buying anything” Buyer beware. The majority of sales people there have no training beyond a sales tape they listen to on a walkman as it guides them through the store explaining the GNC way of selling! Second certain Items have PMs attached. IE Promotional Money which is like a commission if they sale that particular product.

Second NO supplements have been around far befor the big publicty campaign to push them back then they were simply called what their main ingrediant is (Arginine). Argine supplements usually the AKG variety but befor the NO boom they were cheaper.

A few observations NO does cause peripheral hemodilation or opening of the blood vessels which causes a better pump or at least a quicker pump so the illusion of size is in place. And last but not least if Arginine supplements caused such massive size gains why wasn’t there a buzz about them before NO hit the shelves? Oh I forgot because the first buzz was that Arginine supplemnts caused massive GH release (Not at the degraded doses that you could get from a few pills anyway)!

None of this was meant to be a slam against the person who started this thread but none the less supplements can be exspensive research befor letting a underpaid salesman on the hunt for the elusive PM talk you out of money that could be better spent.

Doesn’t GNC have a return policy? Or is it just on their brand of products?

It’s been so long. . .

if u havent opened it, try to return it, if not just use it. I get xcited just thinkin bout what u could do with the money if you got your money back…

Grow!, Surge, RED KAT, and on and on…

NO2 isn’t the best at vasodialation, nor is it the cheapest. Just my .02

GNC does have a return policy though you will find varying degrees of difficulty in trying to make a return.

Independantly owned stores usually follow the corporate directives but generally stray and have somewhat of a quasi independant/corporate return policy.

But if your product is unopened and you have a receipt and you return it to the store you purchased it from you shoudn’t get to big of a hassle.

but over the yrs GNC has a trend of trying to pass a return off on another store by telling you you have to return it to the store you purchased it at (Not True!) It has to do with profit margins and such.

But ultimately if you get to much crap just call the corporate office customer service at the very least they will send you a voucher for some kind of discount on a future purchase.

[quote]pa902 wrote:
I got talked into buying NO2 from a guy at GNC [/quote]


gosh … frickin’ idiot


Even if you did open it I would still try to return it. All they can say is no. You’d be suprised a what people will do if you just ask.

So you were talked into buying something you don’t want and now you want us to talk you into using or trashing it.


Return it.

I got some free through a promotional a few years ago. I was all excited about it, and was even thinking about buying more before I received my free bottle. My wife suggested I try it first. I am glad I listened to her since it did nothing for me even with placebo.

From my personal experience, I think it is a waste of money.


[quote]ChrisKing wrote:
So you were talked into buying something you don’t want and now you want us to talk you into using or trashing it.


Yeah, I’ve got a bridge for sale, you know, incase he’s in the market.

(To be helpful, just try to return it.)