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Talk With Your Hips


I was just listening to a song called "Don't Trust Me" and heard the line:

"Sush baby, Sush your lips -- do the Helen Keller, and talk with your hips!"

Perhaps it's a bit out of context, but OH so applicable to a powerlifting audience!

Talk with your hips!



I detest that song, along with everything else that is played on mainstream radio.


I detest people that hate music simply because it's mainstream.


What are your sources of music?

is it that you hate everything mainstream, or "just mainstream music" (whatever that is...)?


I detest people that think they're clever for hating on people that detest mainstream music.


@ Angry Chicken

Most things that are on top 40 I can't listen to for the very fact that they are top 40 and overplayed, variety is so much better.

I have a lot of metal, and alternative rock, some techno, and some hip-hop: stuff that doesn't get played on your typical radio station.


I detest people that detest other people for thinking that they are clever for hating on people that detest mainstream music.


I detested your mother...all night!



That's what she said?


Did we just become best friends?


I know what I'm getting you for your birthday, every copy of "Now! That's What I Call Music"


Either that or sworn enemies...


EDIT: I really need to watch the whole of step brothers


Not our fault that most of the mainstream music nowadays is fucking terrible.
IF you try to deny this, you're either a teenager or have AT LEAST Asperger's. Quite possibly both


I do the 3oh!3 sign before every deadlift. Helps get big air.


At least you eventually got what I was getting at.

I'm talking about the people who hate mainstream music simply BECAUSE it's mainstream. People who like a band, but stop liking them once they become popular. Then you'll hear them say something along the lines of "I knew about so and so band a few years ago. They were good until they started playing all radio crap."

It's like they feel superior knowing that they knew about a band first or that they have superior taste because they like things that most others don't. It's become more trendy than pop music itself and it's annoying.

Or I could just be a raging vagina.




The issue for a lot of people is that a lot of good bands, once they start getting a little bit of media attention, completely change their style of music in order to become more famous. There's nothing admirable about a band that obviously loves one style of music (the kind of band that they decided to start in the first place) and then a few years later they're playing screamo, because that's what all of the teenagers who buy lots of CDs like.


I detest people who de-test!


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I thought this thread was about sex.