Talk To Me About Blast And Cruise

Hey all,

Been on TRT for about 4 months now- still working a little bit on dialling in, but I’m settling around the 140mg Test per week by doing 62.5mg e3d.

I’m using Sustanon as its cheap (UK based and there’s a big difference in price).

I’m considering late spring doing a blast using some UGL Test. Can get Cyp or E easily as UGL from a local guy.

I dont particularly want to be using UGL year round as I can’t ensure its consistent dosed etc hence using the Dr prescribed pharma grade Sus for my TRT.

Whats the best way to try a blast?

Commit to a dosage and duration and just start straight at the higher amount and switch back when done?

Ramp up gradually and down gradually?

The blast is to help with a weight cut and train and recover harder for cycling (riding bikes).

Does 10 weeks at 400mg sound about right?

I’m assuming I won’t need to think about PCT because of going back to TRT dosages after- I’ve got a boat load of tamoxifen on hand as I get it prescribed and I’m not using it.

Worth getting bloods during the 10 weeks?

Any advice welcome



No, it makes dialing in E2 more difficult.

Bulk/build on blast, cut on cruise/TRT. You’re probably not at a level where you need a ton of anabolics to maintain muscle on a cut.

Sounds too short to me, I’d say 12-16 weeks based on plotting it out in steroidplotter.

No PCT if going back to TRT, but you never mentioned AI…


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Yep. That’s the tried and true method. Go for 12 weeks, eat well, train hard, you’ll love the results.

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Why’d you delete your post? I thought it was very informative and clear.

What did it say?

Look at his post, in the top right corner is a little picture of a pencil from the edit, click on it.

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Had no idea, I must have accidentally deleted it. I tried to undelete it, looks like that worked.



Interested in the “bulk on blast, cut on TRT” idea…

Not sure it 100% applies in my case as I don’t bulk- if I could strip every ounce of muscle.mass off my top half and lose all my body fat that would be my goals (whilst maintaining my legs).

Obviously that’s not a “look” I’m going for- its a performance advantage in my sport.

I was thinking of upping my volume dramatically whilst keeping kcal intake in a deficit whilst on the blast- hoping to increase power and stamina whilst striping fat. Then hopefully keep the recomp physique as I go back to TRT dosage…

With that in mind does it make sense?