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Talk About Your Random Goals

Learn more aboot world rugby….


I’ve been trying to get good at riding wheelies on my mountain bike. I just can’t get it. Sometimes maybe 15 or 20 feet, then I either flip it over backwards or pedal out the gear.

I also have to stop going derrrrrp derrrrrrrr… like a motorcycle when I’m doing it. I know that throws me off.


Assuming you’re a cool kid with a dropper post, lower the seat all the way. Also slight uphills are good for learning. All about that brake control!!

Ah! I am not a cool kid! I have a regular post, but I can drop it all the way down.

Thanks. :+1:

Never understood how people ride without a dropper. I used mine sooooooooo much.

Depending on what brakes you have you can also set how progressive the bite is. Also if you don’t already ride like this, 1 finger is the magic number of fingers for breaking :joy:

Oh, I’ve seen your bike. Mine is the Walmart special for $99.00 with “Aircraft Aluminum” frame from 10 years ago. :rofl:

Maybe my goal should be to get a new bike, huh!?!

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I like that goal!

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Non training related:

  • Get into wingsuiting (long term goal)
  • Get my skydiving B licence (short term - maybe 1-2 months depending on weather)
  • Start a carnivorous plant garden at my new house

Kinda training related:

  • Progress to a 100 lb warbow and beyond
  • Maintain the strength to keep pulling my 93 lb compound and keep my shoulders injury-free

Training related:

  • 2x bodyweight chin up at 70kg bodyweight (not far off)
  • 3x bodyweight trap bar deadlift
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How many deer can you shoot in a row with that? :rofl:

That’s awesome.

I aimed to read 52 books this year, which I’ll achieve tomorrow.

Otherwise I’m always trying to improve my foreign language skills, especially because I hope to travel internationally next year at least once.

I’ve debated trying to get into freelance writing, but I think I need to make blogging a more consistent habit and to develop an actual portfolio before I try to dip into that sphere. Maybe I should write X blog posts by the end of the year or something.

Less seriously, I’d like to revive my photography skills. Realistically don’t think it will happen because my current location is too uninspiring.


Considering people successfully hunt elephant, hippo and cape buffalo with weaker setups than this, I’d say it should be fine for quite a few deer if they all stood in a row. I haven’t hunted with it though, I just shoot targets and various odd objects to see how it penetrates.

I’m in a good place to do it. Australia has 1/3 of all known carnivorous plant species, and the south west (where I live) is particularly rich and has a good climate for growing. Some of the motile trap mechanisms are incredible, in particular utricularia species, aldrovanda and drosera glanduligera.


And now I have stuff to google….


Let me guess, 3 of them eat humans :laughing: or contain a poison which will disolve your brain, or are home to a spider that will lodge itself in your butt and eat your intestinal track.

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I’ve had a long standing goal to walk the 100 Mile Wilderness section of the Appalachian Trail.


Luckily, all the man-eating plants only feed on tourists


Play your cards right, might score mama also

Something tells me that the soil there isn’t great, even before humans came and destroyed it

Yeah it’s played to a reasonable level here, we tend to go well at the Olympics with a fair few medals for both mens and womens. Definitely a minor sport given it has sfa tv coverage.

Ice hockey - minimal. There’s a national comp, but I think it’s essentially amateur level, and there’s not enough $$$ involved for players to go full time.

Playing a guitar is on my to do list. I’m left handed too, so that’ll make it interesting…

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