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Talk About Your Random Goals

Got a random goal you’re working on that doesn’t fit neatly into your training log? Put 'er here! Doesn’t even have to be physical - it’s just interesting to see what folks are working on outside of jacking steel.

Here’s my primary: 50m underwater swim w/no push-offs. Have wanted to notch this for years and never really showed it much attention. Starting working on it a couple of months ago in the community 25-yard pool while recovering from a back strain. Trying to work up to it smartly instead of just going all out since I don’t trust the 14-year old lifeguard to pull me out in the event of a shallow water blackout. Currently at ~35m before the chokes really intensify. Goal is to complete 50m (while retaining consciousness) before they close the pool for the summer.


Not training related: I want to visit 50 countries. I’ve been stuck on 37 since March 2020 for obvious reasons…

Training related: 200lbs bench press for reps. (Which for me is bodyweight at 53 years old)


Bravo. Any continents to check off or are your current 37 pretty well distributed?

Two chicks at the same time man.


Inverse relationship between time and likelihood here. What’s your plan to get this done?

I haven’t thought that far ahead.

Resuming part-time dive bar bouncing, dropping my standards and casting a sleazy net would probably be the fastest path to that goal without involving prostitutes.

That or get a million dollars.


All deadly - post results when appropriate.

Also, by far that guy’s most iconic role.

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I have embarked on an endeavor to grow some of my own food in my yard. I haven’t killed any plants yet so that’s going okay I think.

Training goal is brand new and related to a health goal. I want to lean out (sitting at 290 right now - check my log for body comp) and get my cardiovascular health up so hopefully I can lower the amount of insulin I am on for diabetes and try to bring my genetically terrible triglycerides under control.

Another goal I have to read 25 books by the end of the year. I started a couple weeks ago and have finished 3, working on the 4th. Doesn’t matter what kind of books, just whatever piques my interest.

Due to being on the autism spectrum I tend to dive super deep into things when I get them in my head I want to try it (like the gardening, I have read two books and watched at least 20 hours of youtube gardening content since start of June). I have to be careful to not get too sucked in.


Never been to South America (or Antarctica, but that’s not on the list). I’m thinking Argentina: famous for great steaks, red wine, rugby and beautiful women. I feel I could cope with that.


I think you just described heaven…

Edit: I am a fan of Scottish Rugby, but Argentina is my next favorite team.

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I have often wondered if it is my true spirit country for the exact reasons you described, with the additional benefits of having both beaches and mountains. Waiting for my daughter’s legs to get longer so we can go hike in Patagonia.

And can we all just agree that Southern Hemisphere rugby beats the shit out of Northern Hemisphere rugby? The Rugby Championship is about, oh I dunno, like infinity X more fun to watch than Six Nations.

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I can agree to that, but Six Nations is still cool.

Its the opposite in the Hockey World.

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Until this very moment, I didn’t know hockey existed in the Southern Hemisphere

It might not - i haven’t actually checked, but I am assuming it is at least played by some folks in Australia

It’s not usually you that’ll kill the plants, it’s fuckin’ bugs and rabbits that’ll do 'em in


I’m trying to be less anxious and more focused on contentedness. My whole life is nice; why not enjoy it?


I need to memorise the entire dictionary in order to improve my Scrabble game.

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Training related:
Never have a world record lift be twice my PR. IE - world record log is currently 228kg - So I need to get mine to 114kg.
Goes for all major lifts. Not so bothered by the keg toss / atlas stone.
I’d love to do 200kg squat for 20 reps. But this is a pipe dream. Really not sure this is a good idea even if I could do it. Which I’m a long way from being ready for.

Not training:
Mortgage free by 55 years old. Which is going well.
Get a degree level qualification. I work as an engineer but I’m not qualified.
Get an OBE / MBE. This is really not something I’m 100% in control of. And kinda self serving whcih is not the point. But I would love MBE/OBE after my name.

MASSIVE SIDE STEP in the thread.
No. The issue is Wales, Scotland and Ireland’s obsession with winning the 6N and then beating England.
Example. In 2012, Wales played 13 test, winning only the 5 in the 6N and the bar bars game. They went on to lose every other test (aside from the bar bars). 3 tests against Aus, NZ, The Pumas and Samoa. BUT it was a good year according to the press and payers, because they won the 6N and smashed England.

The year after England only lost 2 test. To Wales and to the ABs (who we beat the year before) and its was a poor year. As they had taken a backwards step from beating the ABs.

The 6N is the second best yearly tournament. Agreed. So why are Ireland and Wales so obsessed with winning it? Play for the AI’s.
It is why France and England have been the RWC final. Because they would rather lose to anyone else than the SH. In short the rest of the NH needs to stop focusing on beating England / France and start focusing on getting better.


Boys wanted to play basketball, I was surprised at how high I could still jump as a fat old guy. Probably an inch or two away from the rim.

So I have been working on touching the ring and hopefully dunking it further down the line.


Training related:

  1. get a 4x bodyweight deadlift and 3x bodyweight squat someday
  2. be able to run a half marathon at will (not really working on this one)

Non training related:

  1. Pay back my parents
  2. design and make my own high jewelry collection (have ideas, lack art skills and money)
  3. Write a book
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