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Talk about Motivation

So Im at my gym the other day, squat day. Im having some pain in my hip flexors during squats and deadlifts, cant figure it out, so i walk on over to our strength coach and physical therapist to seek some needed advice right? Well, I got an hour and a half lecture on about 1000 different quad exercises and a squat class, but at the end no solution to my pain. His closing statement, “well your pretty tall and most tall guys I coached, well, we just stayed away from barbell squats. You will never be good at them.” Talk about “thanks for the motivational statement, coach!”

 bullshit.  I see very tall guys squat heavy every single day. Just make sure u keep ur abs strong, they keep ur whole body in balance when squating. Ull be fine.

You’re probably just very tight in those areas. Do you stretch at all? STRETCH! I used to have the same problem (I’m 6’2") but now I’m pain-free. Stay flexible!

How tall are you? My training partner is 6’5" and I’m 6’1 and we squat fine. He has real good flexibility in his hips but has minor troulbe keeping his lower back at a good angle but that’s about it.