Taliban Fights Over Mehsud's Millions

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Dear God, next Lixy will be admitting that a Muslim did something bad…

Nah, I think we’re safe there.

Let me start with nice crunchy generalization: Every jerkwad who proclaims himself (it’s never a woman, it seems) supreme leader, commander of the believers, and claims to hold the ultimate Truth about God’s intent in the Quran is evil, an asshole of the highest order, and I’d spit in their faces given the occasion. And every motherfucker who pledges allegiance to the aforementioned asshole and follows his command is a lobotomised drone who’s a waste of skin.

Now, can you please keep my name out of your silly tantrums (what happened to being “swamped” by work)? I need my rest for when the next war-mongering president gets elected.[/quote]


We’re all for leaving the Muslims alone.

Will they leave us alone? If history serves as a guide, the answer is “No.” Remember, the invasion of Iberia by the Muslims began a full three hundred years before the Crusades, which were themselves a response to Muslim encroachment on Europe from the East. The Barbary powers captured and enslaved millions of Europeans and black Africans starting around 1500 and continuing until roughly the mid-1830s. Arab trade in blacks continues to this day.

The Ottoman empire lasted roughly 1000 years and resulted in the complete ethnic cleansing of millions of Greeks, Jews, and Armenians from Anatolia, as well as the enslavement/dhimmitude of millions of Southern Europeans, esp. the Greeks.

Then there is immigration from Muslim countries to the infidel lands (Dar al-Harb), of which you yourself are an example. After making your own countries into places of backwardness, slavery, and barbarism, you now seek to move to mostly white “Christian” countries, where we hear stories daily of Muslim crime, sex trafficking, and religious imperialism.

You say that no one speaks for you regarding Islam. Well, did Muhammad himself? Did the Rightly Guided Caliphs? If so, all of these men were practitioners of the very same barbarism exemplified throughout the 1300 year history of your religion. Muhammad was a slave owner and a sex trafficker. He ethnically cleansed almost all of the non-Muslims from the Arab peninsula by the time of his death (one of his dying commands was for his followers to finish the job). Per Surah 3:23 in the Qur’an itself, Muhammad is regarded as an “excellent model of conduct.”

It would be one thing if the Islamic texts said one thing and Muslims did another, but this is not the case. The texts talk about doing bad things to non-believers and apostates, and that’s what Muslims do also. The texts themselves advocate the basest of human activities.

Muhammad was not a “turn the other cheek” guy like Jesus. No, he was a “cut off their heads!” guy.

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wrong thread euro leftist trash

Fuck you, you moonlighting, sister fucking, squirrel shooting hillbilly piece of shit!

How am I doing?

Great… at showing your ignorance of American culture!


Stick to Civil War history, Franze.

Moonlighting, moonshining…whatever.

Shining a light on a tongue of the slip.

On a crisp moonlit night in northeastern Arizona a short, pasty-faced central European rode towards the coming dawn, his stumbling burro braying loudly at the Monument Valley framed vista. Fresh from an invigorating sweat bath and the Dance of the Naakhai, he had a merry song on his lips and a spring in his stirrups.

He was headed home. Home was the land just beyond the Alps.

His sojourn among the timeless people of the Dine Nation had taught him much and he knew if he could safely reach the confines of his Continental citadel and the comfortable seat that faced his keyboard he could propagate his newly discovered lore of the Yankee mindset.

He recognized that the arduous peregrination that lay before him was a serious challenge despite the training and discipline he’d received in the smoke filled hogans of his adopted brethren over the course of many moons.

Sweat dripped from his brow.

The leather in his tack creaked.

He stopped to adjust his sombrero while his burro pissed a muddy greenish stream into the dry, sandy wash. The sun god burst a fireball over the New Mexican desert horizon and a chill shivered the alkali-encrusted skin on his delicate Aryan forearms. He sighed a sigh of determination and touched a spur to the flank of his weary mount.

He refused to be thwarted by Nature or Man. His messianic mission lay before him and T-Nation would be his conduit to the world. Tally ho, my noble warrior, tally ho.



You’d better appreciate it, Joe. Very few Austrians have been featured in Louis L’amour type novels.[/quote]

But there was once an Austrian who could appreciate the Western romance novel:

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We’re all for leaving the Muslims alone.

Will they leave us alone? If history serves as a guide, the answer is “No.” [/quote]

and I see they are still at it: