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Tale of a Lurker's First Cut


Just so I can get the basics out of the way my stats are 6'1" 237lbs and 19.8% bodyfat and I started this cut a month ago at 248lbs and 21.7%. I've been weightlifting since June 2008 and decided that as I was coming up to the fourth year of me training I'd start a cut finally. I lift 5 times a week usually on a rotation of Back, Chest, Legs, Arms, Shoulders, and started actually doing cardio for once with the cut using a treadmill at max incline with a fast walking speed for 40 minutes at time which I do times a week. The macros for my diet are:

Cal: 2916
Protein: 436g
Carb: 140g
Fat: 69g

I'm aiming to go from the current 19.8% to around 9%-10% so I can better assess my weaknesses and improve upon them so I can hopefully compete for my first time next year.














Aside from keeping up with the diet and cardio I’m also trying to bring up my chest and calves. I know that my back, shoulders, and traps are my strong points but I need to bring up any percieved weakness…aside from current fat assness I mean.


And for shit’s and giggles here’s one of the only full body pictures I have from before I started weightlifting. If I remember correctly this is August 2006.


good for you. Good work so far.
Keep going!



[quote]melanieamber12 wrote:
good for you. Good work so far.
Keep going!


Thanks for the encouragement, I’ll post the end result when I get to my goal. Though I rolled my ankle on Monday which is going to slow me down but only a little. I am injured, I am not an invalid, I will meet and exceed my goals.


While you’ve gained some mass over the years I think you’re gaining way too much fat during your bulk. Now instead of spending a month or two tops cutting up, you’ll have to spend a lot more time getting rid of the fat while keeping your added muscle. Eat cleaner, no drinking, one to two cheat meals a week tops, and get plenty of sleep. Keep pushin and you’ll get there.


Actually I rarely drink and do eat healthy but was just eating a lot of food. Most of the fat I had came from the two years after that before photo when I was living in Japan and let me tell you from experience they have very good food. While I’ve been lifting I’ve maintained around the same percentage o fat which was the low twenties but as I said I’m on the cut now and am dropping the fat pretty quickly. When I finish I’ll post some more photos. If you want I can post the current diet and macros plus some of my current training routine.


a lurker? atleast a lurker should know that bulking at 20% bf is NOT the best way to go. You need to cut and see what you look like at sub 15% because these pictures display 20%+ at least. Maybe try powerlifting? with a bulky physique like yours you might gain more benefit from training like that. Your shoulders/calves/hams/quads/chest/forearms lack tremendously.