Taking Whey Protein After Workout Then Dinner

Guys, I read about stuff in the internet that states there is only a limited amount of protein that is absorbed for an hour. Now, I workout at 7pm and usually, I end at 8:30pm. At around 8:45pm, I take my last meal(moderate carbs and high protein). I doubt that I could reach 1 gram of protein per bodyweight because I don’t take whey protein. I get it only from my diet but not as much.

So, I am planning to buy whey protein because one of my goals is to build muscle. If that will be the case, in reference to the first sentence, will I be wasting protein if I take it after my workout and eat 15 mins later? If I will be eating somewhere at 9:30pm, I think it will affect how I sleep because I sleep at 10:30pm.

Please advise… thanks :slight_smile:

Your goal is to get bigger. How has your progress been with that? If you haven’t been gaining, then obviously any sort of increase will help. As far as your sleep goes… There’ve been a couple studies suggesting protein is synthesize better as you sleep, so I wouldn’t be afraid of that.

In general, most post workout meals are suggested to be high carb, with about 40g of protein (about 6 oz chicken breast or 2 scoops powder). You would want a shake without casein (or at least low in it) because it will be absorbed faster; luckily, this is cheaper than a shake with casein. Many guys then have a real meal once their stomach is settled from the PWO shake/protein.

I generally have a protein shake w/ simple carbs immediately post workout and have a meal with low carbs, moderate-low fat, and the same protein maybe an hour later. However, in the past, I would just eat a HUGE meal after working out w/ low carbs, and I still saw gains in size and strength… so who knows what will work for you.

You could just get something to drink during your workout with carbs and protein. This site has a couple options for that. The ghetto option would be to dump your protein in gatorade.

You will not be “wasting” your protein by taking a shake and then eating. Hell, drink the shake with your meal if you want. Your body is not that super specialized, it can handle the protein from a shake and then the carbs/fats/protein from solid food a little bit later.

Protein is not some super special supplement, it will not give you magical gains. Treat it like your normal food choices, and make sure you are eating enough to gain weight consistently. If you don’t eat enough to gain weight, then you are wasting the protein yes because you’ll just be spinning your wheels.

I appreciate the responses guys. I’ll keep these in mind. Thanks a lot!

I highly doubt that your body is capable of digesting protein from whole foods from your dinner that quickly. If anything, the whey prior to the dinner meal helps spike mTOR as well as replenishing you from the workout, in which the nutrients from the dinner which follows could theoretically then be better utilized since you’ve upregulated mTOR prior with that whey shake + training.

By the way, 90+% of the protein you consume, no matter the quantity, will get absorbed and used for something. If not, we would all be pooping out chunks of chicken and steak.

Why not just drink the whey before your workout? A study entitled, “Stimulation of net muscle protein synthesis by whey protein ingestion before and after exercise” showed no difference between drinking whey before or after a workout.

As for drinking your whey and then eating, Dr. Stuart Phillips, a guy who’s done a ton of research on protein, said in an interview, “your body can?t use the amino acids from protein when ingested beyond the immediate roles of those amino acids to build new proteins” and “If you eat 100g of protein, you digest it, absorb it and use some of it (I?d estimate ~25-35% for protein synthesis) and the rest has the (nitrogen) stripped off, and the metabolic carbon ?skeletons? are metabolized.”