Taking Weeks Off Zombie Apocalypse Program?

Gidday Christian,
I have been following your ZA program, and its awesome. I love the real world application type training, and found myself at work or helping mates out using the same position and techniques as the loaded carry’s in this program. Due to my work, travel etc. I get to have 3 weeks solid training through the program, then I end up having time off the weight room and doing a lot of running for 2-3 weeks. So in this sense is it going to be still beneficial for me to use this program continuously (for 3 weeks every 3 weeks) for the foreseeable future, or should I look at changing it up? I haven’t come across a program I enjoy or see the benefits from as much as this one. (Any suggestions would be epic!)
Thanks very much in advance, and again, thank you for putting together such an awesome program!!!