Taking TUDCA Without Orals (Only Cardarine)?

I’m halfway through my Test-Tren cycle. No orals, yet except Cardarine. I’ve been taking Tudca because but I was planning to add Winny. My liver levels according the blood test are a lil bit off (low albumin, high AST). Does it make sense to take TUDCA if I’m only taking Cardarine?

Is this another one of those threads where you ask for advice, ignore it, then do what you were going to do anyways?


Yes. It’s my understanding Cardarine is liver toxic.

What I would do is compare my baseline labs (ast, alt) to labs on cardarine for a period of time. If elevated I would take Tudca then after period of time get more labs to confirm levels went down.


And liver still is off? Adding more orals won’t help the situation any

Add a bunch of NAC, too.