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Taking TRT, Still Impotent Most of the Time. Anything Else To Check?

Current Regimen:
Daily propionate IM injection 9mg/day
50 mg prengenolone /day

Testosterone total 733 — 350 - 1000
testosterone free 21.9 — 9.3-26.5
SHBG 22 — 10.0-57.0
Estradiol sensitive 37— 8.0-35.0
DHEA S 254.1 —138.5 - 475.2
Progesterone 0.4 — 0.0-0.5
Prolactin 8.1 — 4-15.2
DHT 50 — 30-85

Free T3 (thyroid) 4 Normal 2-4.4
TSH 2.17 Normal 0.45-0.4500
A1C (diabetes) 5.2 Normal 4.8-5.6
Total cholesterol 127 LOW <200

END RESULT: 85% of the time im basically completely impotent … cant have sex… no relationships… almost never get morning wood, numb dick

anything else i need to look into?

AI: Doesnt do anything good for me
HCG: Seems to only make things worse
Cypionate: Seems to only make things worse
Viagra/ Cialis: Cialis does nothing, viagra helps at 100 mg but not enough

I need maybe some real deeper insight…If anyone could help offer any insight or maybe what else to check that would be greatly appreciated

Estradiol very very high, this I am sure can cuz all these issues. You Need to lower it down.

But plz check with the forum experts. I am not an expert but I am sure you need to take it down


It’s not likely to be estrogen, you’re barely above range. When you tried the AI, how much did you take and what did it do to your estrogen? I think that you have another problem unrelated to any of those hormones, which is not too helpful unfortunately.

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If you are sensitive to estrogen, then I would expect low libido and soft erections. Your estrogen is high in relation to your SHBG level, I’ll bet free estrogen is over the top.

Nine times out of ten estrogen is usually the cause for erectile issues on TRT, an imbalance of estrogen and free estrogen and having testosterone high normal and also estrogen high normal is a problem for some men.

Men typically have higher testosterone in relation to estrogen, both are high normal and I believe this to be your problem.

What was your AI dosing, .0.50-.125? Also I found 1/10th tablet of aromasin to be easier on the system.