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Taking TRIBEX By Itself

I had been working out hard for about 3 months and started taking TRIBEX. i felt really good about it and it seemed to have decent effects. my sexual appetite was also elevated. then, i lost all my workout facilities for a month. i plan on getting back to working out now though.

problem, for the months that i was not able to work out, i continued TRIBEX. i thought that i would still be able to do some working out at home but it didnt happen. i basically took it without exercising which was stupid and pointless since i was not really working out normally though. it seems that my sexual appetite has greatly decreased but this doesnt make a whole lot of sense. shouldnt it still do that at least?

anyways, i stopped taking it but im curious what may have happened? what are the effects of taking it when you are not working out regularly.

Exercise stimulates the libido. If you hadn’t been taking the TRIBEX, your libido would have slipped into the inverse zone.

Just kidding, except for the part about exercise & and it’s effects on libido.

IME the effects from Trib and Goat Weed products diminish over time.

So they work to increase sexual appetite (nice term, must use it more - ‘come here woman, ah’m fuckin’ hungry…’ - I digress) but only do so for 1-2 weeks when they seem to suffer some sort of receptor tolerance for lack of a better understanding (which IMO can be excused as it isn’t catagorically proven by what mechanism Trib exerts its effects).


thanks a lot guys.i guess its as easy as that. i’ll get my ass to the gym.