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Taking Too Much of One Amino?

I’m a vegetarian so I don’t get as much protein as most.

I eat 12 eggs everyday and drink about 2 litres of goats milk and a bit of cheese. All of which I try to eat daily. But no other significant sources of protein.

So would I be ok adding 4 scoops of Biotest’s l-leucine to my meals? I mean do you think the quantity of the above food sources will be enough to balance the l-leucine?

I’m a veg myself…

First off I would recommend getting some additional types of protein sources. For some reasons vegetarians tend to be stuck on eggs and milk, but there are plenty of solid foods you can use (tofu, tempeh, seitan, fake “meats”, soy, etc). Plus their are other things such as quina or avacados which pack a lot of protein as well. Getting all your protein from eggs and milk is going to get old really fast, and it seems a lot of people who do end up either drop being veg or will not achieve their goals. I would recommend trying a handful of these options out and learning how to cook with them.

After that… I personally just use BCAAs. With the vegetarian diet we tend not to get as many amino acids as we would if we ate meat, so supplementing them seems to be a good idea. Creatine is another thing that our body have naturally, but vegetarians tend to have less of, and might be a worthwhile supplement to look into as well (and its cheap!).

You think about eating legumes and nuts too.

To answer your question, 20g l-leucine is really high to consume with every meal, and is I believe is at or above the upper range suggested for a day. What are the dangers of it? I don’t think there is research on long term mega doses of supplemental l-leucine. Have you looked?