Taking time off on diet

I need help. I just finished reading “get buffed” by Ian king. He suggests that a 12 week training peroid to to a 1 week lay off. I have been training for about 20 weeks straight and feel burn’t out. My question is: if i take a week lay off while on the t-dawg diet from anerobic and aerobic traing will I lose to much muscle. have you guys ever done this.

For what it’s worth, I took two weeks off recently for vacation, and I was feeling pretty burnt out before I left. Hit the weights again last week, and found that I lost no strength whatsoever. My diet during the vaca was trash, too… so Im guessing that you wont have too much to worry about. The biggest thing that I noticed is that I was excited to be back in the gym when I got back from vacation, and I’m sure that that had a lot do do with it. - PJ

I don’t think you should sweat it. If you keep your calorie intake adequate and just relax, I really doubt you’ll lose any muscle at all in 7 days. I have a complex like that, but after being forced to take time off because of injuries for around that length of time, I discovered that I was just paranoid. I’d wager that you could probably take even longer off and still come back pretty strong without losing size either.

thanks guys, u were a big help