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Taking Time Off From the Gym

hi guys, do many of you guys ever take a week or something like that off from training. at 52 I find that I am more frequently taking a couple days off here and there and I was wondering if most of you more experienced lifters ever take a week off and if so how often. Thanks

I usually take every 5th week of, if I am not injured and am following my routine. To me, it refreshes the body.

I’ve been training for 20+ yrs now and one thing I’ve recently learnt is that complete rest weeks (I can’t see the point of doing a 50-60% deload) are essential for me to make continued progress. I train 5 days a week and take every 5th or 6th week off. I find a full week off allows for a more complete recovery than a shorter rest (3-4 days) taken more frequently.

hey guys, i train 5 days a week also, doing each body part once a week, but when you guys take a full week off do you find that when you go back to the gym that you are alot weaker. also when you take this week off do you still take what ever supplements you are taking or do you not take them…thanks for your advice guys, i really appreciate it…hey scott where are you, i am in kingston

You do go back a “bit” weaker, but if you start with weights slightly lighter than you finished at for a week or so and then start to increase again you’ll probably find that you soon surpass your old maxes far easier than if you had kept banging away at them without a rest. So it’s definitely worth the temporary drop for future gains. Don’t take any supplements myself, but if they work I’d carry on taking them. Maybe drop the protein shakes (if you take em) if you’re going to be doing nothing.