Taking Time Off Before New Phase?

I am a powerlifter/bodybuilder and I do periodization of Strength and power and later bodybuilding. I train 4 times per week (currently on strength/power phase) I squat 4 times per week pull 3 times per week and push 4 times per week, i have gotten strong off of it and a very efficient nervous system. I have tried mixing in High reps along with my strenght training in hope of gaining muscle mass but I no longer get “the pump” like I did before I started this phase,if i do get it; it only lasts for like 2 seconds is this just my body having become adapted to my training? Should I take 2 weeks off to allow my body to decondition enough to become suseptible to the muscle building stimulus? Thanks to all that post.

I should probably also mention I do Olympic lifting too.