Taking Thermogenics While Bulking

So I’m right about where I want to be body fat wise. I will have 3 months where I won’t be going anywhere and can concentrate on eating clean and lifting more often so I can loose the last bit of flab covering my lower abs. Once thats done I’ll be starting a ‘clean bulk’. I’m a FFB and an Ecto so I get fat quicker than you can say don’t eat that cereal. I’ve never been this lean/in shape before and I’ll be honest I’m terrified of getting fat again.

So here’s what I was wondering. Would it benefit me to be taking something like HOT-ROX while bulking to help prevent me from putting on too much excess fat? HRX has Carbolin 19 and thermogenics to promote burning fat but would it help prevent fat gain in a slight calorie surplus? It would also increase my energy flux overall so I understand I would have to eat more to compensate. Has anyone tried this before or am I just crazy?


I think the standalone Carbolin 19 fits your bill perfectly.