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Taking The Week Off


I deffinately need a week off. I've been training non stop for many months. I'm currently 6'4" 215 at about 18% BF (give or take), would it be beneficial to do sprints etc during this week off or will that tax my nervous system.

I think I'm overtrained and my body needs to recover, would hate to do cardio if it's going to inhibit that.


I would limit to active and static stretching, and walking for cardio.

Dan "that's why they call it a week OFF" McVicker


Yep. Good advice here. If you were a twig I'd say hit up some buffets...but since you're not I say stay clean and do a ton of walking (an hour every day). Nothing taxing, but you can't afford to be inactive.

Yeah. You'll feel better immediately.


Depending on several factors you don't have to take the week completely off.

Hitting the gym 1-2 times during the week with a reduction in volume, intensity and duration, can help keep strength gains as well as provide some active recovery.

That is situation dependent though.