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Taking The Shoulder Out of It!

I have taken a month off due to a shoulder impingement. I believe it was during a max bench but it took a couple days for me to find the injury.(shoulder day)

In order to rehab, I have been doing external rotations, and pendulum swings as well.

I have returned to training this week. I have been doing my normal workouts but with one change. I have been trying to utilize movements that “take the shoulder out of it”. Mainly the rotator cuff.

I try to find angles that still work the chest, and don’t hurt the cuff.

For my bench, I’m using low cables with a bench pushed way out in front…I use overhead pulls, and a bench where I push towards my toes. For barbells, I do a decline bench.

I can do incline db press, but ONLY with a close, and neutral grip.And have to pay strict attention to form, no slop, no heavy weights…I’m keeping it in the 12-15 rep range for now.

I have found that I can do flyes only when my DBs or cables are coming from the hip …any higher will cause uncomfortable grinding, or sharp pain.

I can still do my usual raises for shoulders, just not pressing movements or upright rows, . Not yet.

I have no idea how to do squats or lunges with out compromising the shoulder area. I have a rack, and smith machine,

So question. Is this going to be effective in building muscle,while working around the cuff?

And what other ways can you figure out how to work around the injury, and still get a solid workout?

Thanks for the help!

You have the right idea. Don’t trip. You might not gain much muscle during this period, but your first focus should be on injury rehab. Get better before worrying about getting more muscular.

That is a good start, the body will pretty much heal itself…it’s your job not to disturb the healing process with improper training…which it sounds like you are doing…rule of thumb…pain equals preventing healing. With that being said, some how you were prone to the shoulder injury to begin with. Make sure that your back workout is at the very least balanced to your chest routine…In fact i would throw in a few extra sets of back work to chest. Also scapula ineffeciency is a big culprit in shoulder issues so i would def incorporate exercises that will stabilize the scapula…ie…pushups.