Taking the Plunge

Hey guys finally decided to join the dark side after tons of research. 6’2" 225 lbs 20% body fat 28 years old 100% white, first and only cycle. I don’t want to fuck around and have access to loads of gear. I was thinking something liek this:

1-20 tne 50mg 2x ed
1-20 tren a 75mg ed
1-20 mast 100mg ed
1-20 var 75mg ed
1-20 t3 50mcg ed (taper up to like 150mcg then down)
1-20 clen 60mcg ed (2 weeks on 2 off alternating)
1-20 25mg aromasin ed
1-20 hcg 1000iu ew

nolva 40/40/20/20
clomid 100/100/50/50

caber letro and nolva on hand

and i’ll probably do like 6-10iu 5/2 of hgh and after a few weeks when myostatin plateau i’ll throw in some slin ~10iu ed. maybe even dnp at 200mg ed fuck it i’m already on celexa. also taking melanotan and accutane hope it’s not too harsh on the liver i will get blood work after week 10 or so. pre-cycle blood work was all normal except slight anemia but otherwise gtg.

diet and training are dialed in just looking for thumbs up on pharm before i pin tomorrow noon. only have 18ga 1.5" is that ok or i can get some 21ga? let me know if there’s anything i’m missing and i’ll add it in. obviously i’m in the school that thinks for the first cycle you should make it count. i want to lose at least 10 lbs of fat and gain about 10 lbs of muscle. thanks for reading and any advices

First cycle? Wtf man, slow down a little

“100% white”

well thank god for that

I stopped reading after 6’2" 225 20% bf. Get on a treadmill and lift some heavy weights first. My grandfather has better stats than you

This is a joke.

It has to be a joke…

That’s fucking madness for a first cycle. Have at it!

You won’t enjoy pinning twice a day with an 18g…

looks good only a few things i would remove

: everything

18g needles? wtf is wrong with people, they draw blood donations with 16g!

@eatliftsleep i’m 28 already man…

@paul33 i do every day. and to be american

@doctorjekyll can your grandfather bench 300x3 squat 400x3 and deadlift 455x5? i have a ffmi of 23.7. the natural limit is about 25 which at 6’2" is 237 20% bf. so i could gain 12 more lbs of lbm to be at my genetic limit. actual 20% isn’t that fat except by bb standards. to the lay person i look like i could be ripped when i’m wearing a tshirt. you don’t even know enough to take steroids yourself much less advise other people. you should get off the forum and start learning…

@innerhulk i’m serious. everyone gets there eventually might as well get to it

@yogi thanks man! haha the 18ga is to draw guys! i heard it can leave pieces of rubber in the vial though so wonder if 21ga wouldn’t be better. i pin with 23ga 1"

@justsaynotoketo so you’re saying i should stay “natty”… no thanks

If you’re truly being serious then you’re a fool. Simple as that.

You have no idea how any of these compounds are going to effect you, and you will have no idea which one you should eliminate when you’re experiencing terrible sides.

Run whatever you want, but you’re an absolute idiot if you go ahead with this.

at least i can read lol. i said 18ga is to draw with not inject…

terrible sides = tren and/or clen most likely. drugs have typical side effects so depending what i’m experiencing i’ll know what the culprit is. it’s not some big mystery. the real problem is bigger risk because i don’t know IF i’ll have sides and say i have sides from 2 or 3 compounds it could get ugly… but otoh i’ll figure out in one go what i can handle and what i can’t. takes most people years to do the same.

looks like a lot of the stereotypical responses to a first cycle lmao: not ready yet, can’t be serious, don’t know anything, absolute idiot if i do cycle this way etc.

10 year reunion is in august so i wanna look SICK

Typical bro, trying to look good for others is your main motivation?

to be fair, you didn’t say the 18g was just to draw in your original post.

Personally, I reckon have at it! Get stuck right in and do your ludicrous cycle. I’m intrigued as to how it’ll work out.

I’d recommend dropping the fat loss drugs though. 150mcg of T3 is an insanely high dose anyway. Just eat properly on cycle and you’ll lose fat, build muscle etc. I really do recommend quite strongly that you don’t run the fat burners.

also, why’d you mention you’re white? Do Chinese people cycle differently?

@eatliftsleep more in to powerlifting which is why i’m 20%. but immediate goal is to get ripped and jacked as fuck to look good yes. why do you train? to serve others and contribute to humanity? lol…

@yogi i’m taking it slow with fat burners maybe i won’t do the dnp and stay at a lower dose of t3/clen but i’m wanting to have sick before/after transformation photos because i’m starting a new health/fitness business (i do internet marketing) focused on “natural, healthy” lifestyles etc the usual bullshit.

people assume i’m black when i post stats. i can’t just eat fried chicken and grape drank or tuna and ramen and get ripped i have typical white guy skinny fat genetics. chinese usually don’t have to worry about hair loss. which reminds me i’m taking finasteride as well.

[quote]wramsey wrote:
at least i can read lol. i said 18ga is to draw with not inject…[/quote]
No you didn’t, you said “only have 18ga 1.5” is that ok or i can get some 21g?". I can read just fine, apparently you can’t.

lol@typical side effects. These drugs effect everyone differently, and they differ greatly again depending on doses. An experienced user might be able to identify the culprit, but someone who’s never used a single compound? No, you won’t. But you are right, it does take people years to figure these things out, because that’s what’s required to do so. You will not have any idea what any substance is doing to you because you’re doing everything but the kitchen sink cycle for your first go, because you’re stupid and impatient.

[quote]wramsey wrote:looks like a lot of the stereotypical responses to a first cycle lmao: not ready yet, can’t be serious, don’t know anything, absolute idiot if i do cycle this way etc.

10 year reunion is in august so i wanna look SICK

Yes, those are the typical responses you would receive for this, because that’s exactly what it’s deserving of, and any experienced user knows what you’re doing is stupid.

The fact that you’re dumping all of this ridiculous cycle into your first trip because of a 10 year reunion makes this all the more funny. I hate to be so harsh, but this is foolish, simple as that. Must be watching Bostin Loyd Youtube videos.

with all that AAS you’ll have a sick before/after anyway. Seriously, the fat burners aren’t necessary.

I train because I enjoy it, to challenge myself, to make myself better than I was the day before. Not to impress some shmucks youre probably never gonna see again, that’s just abonus I guess you could say. My guess is you probably feel fat and think you need all these drugs to lean out in time to impress your ‘friends’ and show them you’re not the guy they used to know. But you don’t.

@yogi thanks for the advice on cycle and not useless psychobabble analysis. i followed your advice and left them out because i must be burning fat about as fast as possible without them right now. i’ll slowly add them in if progress stalls.

so far so good. had some juice leak out using only 1" for my glute injection but no blood at all and didn’t even feel it. hard to stay still while pushing plunger. no virgin muscle soreness or anything. feeling horny and my hard on is stiff as fuck now.

walkway if you’re around i’d like to hear anything you have to say

Bro get jack3d bro can’t wait to see your friends reactions brah