Taking The Next Step

I have been lifting for almost six years now. I have been through many different work out regimens, from power lifting workouts to football weight training. I have also used creatine and protein in heavy amounts over those past years. I think that I am ready to take the next step in my weight lifting conquest by starting to use legal steroids, such as 1-Test and 4-AD. I was contemplating using one of these two to start on. I just wanted to know what people thought about these, if they had any advice or comments.

Never tried the 1-test, but tried 4-AD-EC by Biotest and was pretty happy w/ the results. If you’re looking to go the legal route, a stack of methyl-1-test and 4-AD-EC would be a good one. I’d run it for 6 weeks and then post cycle finish up w/ TRIBEX at the bare minimum since m-1-t WILL suppress you.


I was thinking of either using Fizogen On/Off Cycle or Impact Equibolan…

dude those products are crap and you are in the wrong place to be looking for some one to back you for a 1-test or 4AD from another company when Biotest has them both in the best little pills on the market.