Taking the Leap

After a long long summer of hard work and lots of thinking i finally decided to do it. Make the jump from division two to division one. For the past two years i played lacrosse at cw post. Through those two years we went 6-16. But last season i still ended up making all american, and the opportunity to move up to a division one team was clearly available to me. The opportunity of a lifetime. To make this very long story short, i left post, gave up a 16 thousand dollar scholarship to try and walk on to Hofstra. Alot of you guys here dont know college lacrosse, but hofstra is similar to an ohio state, a michigan, a michigan state, or tennesee, etc in college football.

Today was our first meeting…63 guys trying out for 40 spots. Only two guys from last years team graduated, so 38 are back. The rest are recruited freshman and transfers. The tryout is next week. This is going to be hell, but i feel i am prepared enough to go out and earn one of those 40 spots.

I’ll cut the post short here, if anyone wants to comment on my stupidity of giving up a huge scholarship for just a try out haha or wants to give some tips of nutrition/training for the next week and during try outs it would be awesome to discuss. Hope some peopel are interested. Been a life long dream to play at hofstra, been going to watch them since the third grade, and now my chance is here.

On a side note it seems like i am transfering all because of lacrosse, but the phys ed program is better at hofstra than post, and alot of other things came into play.

Dude, your story sounds like Rudy.

There was a recent post about pre-game nutrition for football. This might help you out a bit.

Also, make sure you’re prepared mentally. Don’t let those numbers about returning players rattle you. Also, check out some articles about mental preparation. Check out the search engine here, or maybe google it. Visualization techniques are a must, and maybe look into some supplements that might help concentration and mind-muscle connection.(Power Drive)

You’ve only got one shot at the team, so do everything you can to boost your performance during the tryout period, even if you pay for it a few days afterward.

Good Luck

Man, I dont think that it is stupid. You must chase your dreams or you will end up living a very dull life and talking about what you could have done. Plus it helps you live in the present when you have a goal like that. I get so tired of people talking about what they used to do. I dont give a fuck what you used to do, what do you do now.

So go get it man. If you have paid your dues, then everything will fall into place.

I agree with barbender. If you step up and take a chance you never know what may happen. One thing is for sure if you were to stay at the place you were then nothing will happen for you. You have to create your chances. It is always my opinion that talent is great but I want to know how hard someone plays on the field the whole game. Some of the most talented people in sports are some lazy bastards. And most importantly NEVER be afraid to fail. OK Im done with all my psychological, create your own destiny speech so now just go out and kick some ass.

Wow guys, talk about pumping me up, you guys really got me motivated, thanks for all the good words. Mental preparation is a must, lately at night before I go out I head to my high school stadium and climb up to the press box overlooking the field and just think(as Pat Tillman used to). It really helps, I leave there feeling really fresh. I have a container of Power Drive, I have never used it before as I was saving it for the tryouts, I’m gonna give it a test run in workouts this week. I used to take an ECA stack before games back in d2, but in d1 there is random drug tests so I may lay off the ephedra until I can get a hold on when the tests are. Its only a 24 hour half life, but who knows if after one of the tryouts we go straight into the locker room for a test ya know.

Bartender and frogs, that was my whole reason for taking this jump. In division two, I could have been a 3 time all American, I was gonna be a captain this year as a junior, would have had full control of the team. But everyday of my life I would have said, what if. Could I have played division one? Could I have dominated the BEST competition in college lacrosse? I NEED to find out. I’m not the type of person to be happy beating the shit out of weaker competition. When i came in as a freshman Post was the perfect fit for me, but i’ve grown so much as a player that i need to step up, and challenge myself at the highest level possible.

I have 8 days till the try outs start?lets see what I can do…


Not tryin to be an asshole, but the name is Barbender, not bartender, they have nothing to do with one another. HAHA.

Now go kick some lacrosse ass!

You ought to be proud of yourself for giving up a what you have to chase a dream. You should always aim for bigger and better things. Just think, if you didn’t give it a shot you’d always think back and wonder “what if”…