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Taking the First Step


Hello T-Nation'ers,

I have just recently taken a new assistant strength coaching job at a Division 1 school about 800 miles from my last job and home. New location means longer hours, and no more semi-professional football. I need a NEW CHALLENGE! I want to train for something, and push hard for a new goals and begin to find another passion.

Olympic lifting is something as a coach that you need to be decently proficient at, but I'd like to see if I can work to competition level. I'd like to use this post as a log, message for all those competitors and heavily experience coaches to pass along any readings, advice, etc to help me begin the process over the next few months.

As previously stated my competition lifts are pretty crappy, as in strength and conditionin we tend to use the power and hang variations more than full catches.

Any help, advice, works of wisdom are greatly appreciated!


Koing gave me some good advice a while back when I started practicing the olympic lifts. Hopefully this thread helps you get started.



That's a solid read! Thanks!


First day of official goal oriented olympic lifting program:

Jerk: worked up to 85 kg x 4, dropped to 75 kg x 4 x 2
Push Press: 78 kg x 5, 70 kg x 5 x 2
Back Squat: 140 kg x 5, 126 kg x 5 x 4
Bent row - 85 kg x 5, 75 kg x 5 x 2
body weight ab work

technique needs work on Jerk, first time having done it I need to find a way get my front heel down consistently in nearly the same spot. I was all over the place. Weak as shit, need to be faster as well.


The Jerk will come.

Make sure you stand upright and tall, knees locked out, lean a tiny bit backwards so you can nearly feel your toes coming off the floor.

-Shoulders, hips and heels should be inline,
-knees go out, body is upright
-drive off your heels
-back leg doesn't go too far backwards
-front foot should move futher forwards.

Most important thing is driving the bar up properly AND GETTING YOUR HIPS UNDER THE BAR. You can recover the Jerks this way, if it's in front it will more then likely fall to the ground at limit.

FS at least 2-3x a week. Get a really strong FS. It doesn't take much time to hammer a top set of FS for a triple 2x a week if your strong, e.g. 180+ for a triple. If you can't do that I'd squat 2-3x a week to get it up. Even then I'd work the squats 2x a week.

Hammer all the bar work and dynamic stretching.

Post videos and welcome mate :slightly_smiling:



Hey Koing,

What dynamic stretching to you use for warm-ups? I personally found front leg kicks as well as walking lunges to be the best for these lifts. I would like your thoughts, if you get a chance.


Leg swings forwards and backwards, not leaning, hips under shoulders and your standing leg to your head is inline. If you lean forwards it kills the streth massively = why even bother.

Do about 35 on each leg,

Then swing across the body.

Swing arms backwards,

Rotate body left to right, pausing at the back,

Get on teh floor, heel flicks to my bum

Do side to side stuff with my back on the floor, knees bent at 90*, left to right, dot he same on my back.


Do the above properly and you will get supple, just that people are lazy and don't bother doing it before or after training. If you do this everytime you train you will get mobile fast. Just be strict when you do it.



Printed out what you just wrote. Thank you very much Koing.


Coach from Brians Big Book of Weightlifting :slight_smile: my coach. Best stretches ever.



I thought Cathletics had a pretty good mobility warm-up as well. I may give it a shot, alot of hips, groin, elbows and shoulder. Good Stuff.