Taking Testosterone at Age 19

Hi I’ve turned into 19, 4 moths ago. I’ve started lifting continually since September and i had experience before that around maybe half year but not consistent. anyway i managed to bring my weight around 77 from 94 kg, and my body fat from 40% to around 20-25% during two years. I love training and I train really hard with intense cardio but generally my body shapes and forms really hard even with proper diet. my coach is ifbb pro as well. i asked him to start a bulk program this month for 5 weeks and he offered me to take testosterone with low dosage like:
testosterone propionate 25-50 mg inject for twice per week
testosterone cypionate or enanthat 250-300 mg inject per week
the duration is for 12 weeks and 2 weeks rest then start to take nalvadox for 2 weeks
I haven’t done any blood or sperm test yet and i look older than my age and seems much more mature and I don’t think I’ll grow much more. and I’ve searched every websites, any articles and everything that were on net and I know taking steroids at my age is really risky and I know about sides effect but also I’ve seen some people who took them without any effects on their health. a lot of people are against this action and I’m aware of it. but please let me know your opinion about it. I’m trying so hard and I want to see big changes because of this I’m thinking to do it. Does really low dosage and normal dosage make any differences??
thank you

same shit every day on the steroids subforum


opened the first page of the forum and there are like 4 threads about 18 and 19 year olds wanting to take steroids, wtf?

It’s people who have never used steroids like that fuckhead on that nattyornot site claiming everything is about drugs and throwing out broscience interpretations of studies while defining genetic limitations as if everyone falls on the same point on the bell curve. Shit like this works both ways.

Then you have youtube celebs like Rich Piana…

I’ll say this again.


If you don’t believe me, make friends with a dealer and ask him who he’s supplying to in the gym and see how many scrawny fucks you would never expect to be using are using.

I told my coach is ifbb pro himself and my training and diet is under his control. I said that my training is really hard if it wasn’t i couldn’t burn 18kg in one year and now my body fat is 18-20%. I know that there are sides effects but i wanna know how serious they are and I wanna know starting a low dosage cycle can help to reduce them??

There are many threads here where we have posted about the side effects and possible permanent effects of steroid use especially when starting too young, with evidence to back them up.

one of the things I afraid as well is that i lose my gain after cycle. I read that Nalvadox and good supplements can keep it diet as well. My supplements are totally oky I’m taking protein, glutamine, creatine, amino, pre workout and fat burner and beta alanine. I just wanna know this cycle is oky for me? and will i lose all the gains that I get after it? i know i lose around 15% of the gain after cycle cause its just water.

An IFBB pro, contrary to your belief, is very capable of giving utterly shitty advice.

Can you clarify what you mean with the testosterone dosing? Is that an either Prop OR C/E recommendation? Or is he saying do both at the same time?

You’ll actually lose a lot more than 15% of the gains, if you never do a cycle again. The number is closer to 100.

I know about keeping the cycle but I don’t wanna have more than 2 cycle per year. by low dosage I mean lower than normal dosage cause the enanthat and cypionate normal dosage are 600 mg per week but i wanna run the first cycle with 250 mg per week. my coach himself went through just 2 cycle and it was 2 years ago and his body reacted sharply to it cause he had some problem his gain and body is natural however he is waiting till his full recovery to start taking again he told me that I should inject 700 mg per week but I don’t wanna risk and ruin my life for it. so I wanna know is it safe at my age and does the low dosage reduce the side effects??

Here’s what you should do. You should go get your testosterone level checked.

If you run a low dose cycle, and you’ve already got high natural testosterone, it will be a huge mistake. There is some merit in running a low dose cycle ONLY if you already have low testosterone.

Here’s a good question: Is your coach trying to sell you the drugs himself? Have you considered that he’s advising you to take drugs to make money off you?

of course no. I know him for a long time and now I’m living in another country and I just communicate online. you mean if my test level will be low itself I should take more than usual dosage (around 600 mg per week)?? and if it will be high, the one that i told is oky?


I’m saying if you have high natural testosterone, don’t fucking take steroids at all. And if your level is low, you could consider it, but you still shouldn’t do it.

You’re being really fucking stupid if you use steroids, I’m just trying to make you slightly less stupid. Get it?

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mentioned before that I’m not really oky with it cause my health is my priority but from the other side I wanna increase my strength and see big changes. during all this time it was a big a question for me how can I increase my strength and be more powerful. I take good supplements and I sleep well and eat as well, but they didn’t make me more powerful.

I gained 50 lbs of muscle before I used steroids, and lifted weights for 10 years to do it. You’re just impatient. You’re looking for a shortcut. And it won’t work.

You’re going to have a shitty life if you start using steroids right now, based on what you’ve told us about yourself. We’re here to warn you of that.

But do whatever you want man, I’m done trying to talk sense into you.

You hung in there for quite a while Flip, nice try…


I’m such a sucker. But I do my best.

One thing I’ve noticed over the years is the abundance of people posting ‘should I use steroids’ or ‘first time cycle advice’ or whatever, and ignoring criticism completely. Every now and then we change a person’s mind, but for the most part, folks just seek confirmation. The best thing we can do is figure out who’s asking questions in earnest, and who just wants to take the first ‘OK’ they get and run with it.

Hey Flip, I just turned 17 and started lifting weights last week. I’ve gained 3 pounds, but that’s not enough. I’m thinking about running a stack of Deca with 750 mg per week of test. Good idea? Thanks in advance, oh and I started the protocol yesterday.