Taking Test C and HCG on Same Day?

Hello to all, this is my first post on here after a few years of just lurking. I recently changed my TRT provider to Defy ( really like them) after being with another TRT doc for about 6 years. Defy has advised I can take the test shot and HCG shot on the same day. Other doc advised take the HCG two days after test shot.

Any feed back on the timing of the HCG would be appreciated.

Taking the HCG when your Test is a bit lower is closer to optimal, but it probably is a small difference long term.

When I was using HCG, I’d fill my Test up in the syringe, then fill HCG in the same syringe to make it one shot. That is what I would do again too if I went back on HCG.

Thanks for the reply. What did HCG do for you or not do?

I couldn’t tell I was on it aside from my balls getting bigger. HCG does seems to have different results for different guys though. Some feel better on it, some worse.

What dose are you using?

50 ml twice a week. I have been on it for about 6 years now. I also take test C 33.3 ml mixed with 15 ml of DECA. three times a week.

I am guessing 50 iu? IMO, that is pretty low to have an effect. When I was using it, I was using between 150 iu and 250 iu 3X a week. I figured 150 iu was about as low as I could go to get an impact from it. Fertility doctors use really big dosages (1000 iu 3X a week). I don’t think that should be done for TRT patients just looking to maintain, but it does give some insight into the effective dose (that it probably the top end of effective dosing).

Damn, not sure what to say on that one…

Well, you didn’t really use a dosage. mL is a volume, are you might be taking 500 iu twice a week which is effective? Common for it to be 100 iu per 0.1 mL. You will have to figure out what dose you are actually taking.

Sorry, per the instructions, I inject 0.5 ML twice a week. 6000 IU

Are you sure? That is a lot of HCG. Why are you taking so much HCG?

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I use an insulin needle and draw out 50 units and inject twice a week.

That is a lot. You would be spending $280 a month on that dosage.

You are taking half a CC and probably have a 12,000 iu bottle. Which is what I do/have.

The bottle is 6000 IU this lasts me about a month Cost $65 a month.

Okay, I maybe understand. The entire vial is 6000 iu, right? How many mL does the vial hold?

You would then divide 6000 by the amount of mL in the vial to get the IU/mL. Then you are injecting 0.5 mL, so your dose would be 0.5*(6000/amount in vial in mL).

I am guessing you are taking 500 iu twice a week. That would be fairly standard. If you want to inject with your Test, just do 333 iu 3X a week (or add 0.33 mL to the Test shot).

My bottle last two months.

HCG also allows you to keep producing Testosterone naturally. You should notice you T levels are higher with HCG than without. I don’t really want to spend time on this thread because this info has been covered before in detail.

Thank you.