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Taking T and Not Working Out?

I had the pellets inserted, 10 to be exact 2 weeks ago, no change or anything yet, blood is 234, and low free, anyway right after I sustained a groin and lower spine injury, going for testing to see wtf is going on. Definitely can’t lift or even walk well, any suggestions. I will probable be sidelined for at least 3 months if it is what they think, if not longer but I will have alot more t. Any suggestions or there is no side effect with having more t and no physical activity

Maybe you should just calm down and stop creating multiple threads. Let it some time to see if it works. 2 weeks not enough.

I think you keep asking because you didnt have the answer you wanted in the other thread. Go ahead and inject if you want. Do a cycle if you want.

Ty Mr Reaper, I am going a little overboard. I thought If i had different question I do a new thread. My apologies for acting like a nervous teenager. I was only asking ahead of time bc making an appointment to see a Dr for this is 4 to 6 weeks. Little hate the way I feel, again sorry.

No need to be sorry! I know how it feels! Just thought you wanted to inject test no matter what some told you. Just let it some times to work 4-6 weeks seems to be the MINIMUM time for it to show some benefits.

I am on 80 mg per week injections since 3 weeks and also tempted to up the dose right now as i still feel like crap most of the time but ill wait a couples week and do some bloods again before

Ty for the help, I will wait it out, another 2 weeks first set of labs.