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Taking Sustanon 250 for my First Cycle. Is it a Good Idea?

Good evening everyone. I am new to the forums and new to AAS use. I am currently 24 years old and debating weather or not I should do a cycle. A friend of mine who is the same age started using AAS last year and he had pretty good gains. He told me that I am in a good position to take AAS. My friend suggested that I should take Sustaton 250mg only for my first cycle because it is already a strong compound.He told me that I could throw in Anadrol 50 for an extra kick. I have been doing my research and read in multiple forums that Sustanon 250 by itself is a great first cycle. I would not use Anadrol 50 because it seems too much of a drug for a new user.

I would please like some advice if I should push through with my first cycle. I would so much appreciate it if someone would lay out the cycle for me with PCT. My friend told me I would be pinning two times a week and PCT with milk thistle after. I will also post a video of me flexing to show my current physique. I feel I made good gains naturally and I want to progress even more.

Thank you gentlemen / ladies in advanced. I hope to expand my knowledge and make friends.

sust is fine for a first cycle, although it’d make your life easier if you could get your hands on a test product which is only a single ester like enanthate or cypionate. You can use the sust if you want but it makes it a little harder to time your PCT.

You also need to think about all your ancillary drugs like an AI, SERM and also potentially hCG.


Thanks for replying. My friend adviced me not to take another test because it was not as clean as Sustanol. He uaed another test before and he got acne and a lot of water weight. My other question also is that will I retain a lot of water with Sust? And lets say I do the cycle and PCT good. How much muscle will I keep when I stop taking the AAS. Here is the youtube video of me.

sust is test. All the sides you get from test you’ll get from sust

Yogi I did not know that and thanks for replying. I dont know who to believe because I read from some forums that side effects vary from different testosterone. In your opinion is it a good idea and the right time for me to use Test? I am surprised that only very few people reply. Is it normally like this?

Judging by your vid I’d say you’re ready. Generally people advise waiting til age 25 to cycle because that is about the age when we can be reasonably sure that the endocrine system is fully mature, but you’re close enough. If you run your cycle properly and make a good recovery you can keep most of your gains. Just stay working hard and eating right after your cycle is over. A lot of people get lazy and lose motivation after their cycles, and that’s one reason some lose a lot of their gains.

There is no evidence (or reason to believe) that the ester attached to your test has anything to do with the side effects you experience. Sust has several different kinds of test (esters attached), so if your friend’s claim that other tests produce more sides, chances are they’re among the 4 found in sustanon. This claim just doesn’t pass the logic test.

Listen to what Yogi said…

Thabks for replying sir Jugs. I will turn 25 in just a couple of months. Sorry for my ignorance but are you guys telling me that I need to take a SARM or another supplement along with the drug? If its not too much trouble can you giys list everything I will take including the Sustanol?

So its the Sustanol 250, PCT like Nolvadex and SARM?

And I dont have any trouble training hard and eating clean after I cycle. I just really want to keep my muscle gains and potentially run another cycle. Thanks for replying guys.

I am not addressing whether you should or should not.

Sust is is a blend of T esters and all T esters, as absorbed in the body have the ester groups removes and they all yield bio-identical testosterone. So these are time release T delivery systems with different half-lives.

I have not looked at other posts in this thread.

Some steroids that are or deliver synthetic “fake” or Zeno-testosterones can be very harmful to a subset of men. So go into this with your eyes wide open.

SERMs, not SARMs. They’re different. Nolvadex is a SERM. So is clomid. They are used interchangeably for PCT, but Nolva is arguably better for a couple of reasons. Since I’m already spelling things out for you…PCT consists of 8 weeks of 20mg Nolvadex everyday, but not until after the test clears your system, which for sustanon is tricky to guess but roughly 3 weeks after your last injection, due to one of the long esters included.

Take an aromatase inhibitor all the way until PCT. Like arimidex at 0.5mg EOD. That will keep estrogen under control. Also take hCG at 250iu 3x per week to keep your balls functioning and make a strong recovery more likely.

You need to do a lot more research before you cycle so that you will know how to adjust in the event something goes wrong.

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How much (mgs) are you going to use? How much shots are you going to do per week?

As yogi just said, you need to think about AI and PCT. AI is dependent on the person and the amount of test (Sust in your case). Water retention may happen as a side of E1/ E2 elevation, if don’t use AI. I like Anas to control E2, but there are evidence of examestane reducing E1 plus E2. It looks like you need a little more research about what you are going to do… that’s why you are here, I suppose… don’t take me wrong, you are lacking too much info. Acne, you are going to have it if you are prone to, you can control a little bit by using AI, but not scape from it, since you a prone.
Muscles, hummm… forget it, you are going to lose everything with time, maybe hold a little bit of it. You cannot keep muscles made with steroids without steroids, simple.

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Hey guys thanks for replying. I truly dont know much about AAS and yes that is the reason why I joined here. If I would do a cycle, I would be depend on my friend who had experience to help me, but I joined here to get more input from people. I will be turning 25 this year, but I thought about putting off the cycle. I did a lot of research and got so much information that I dont know who and what to believe lol. Thanks a lot for the replies though. I will chime in and update you fellas with whatever my decision is. Good day to all!

Sust 250 was my first cycle. I didn’t stack it with anything though. It went perfect, had incredible gains. Don’t forget to up your protein intake :slight_smile: As PCT I do nolva ony, works just fine for me; 40/30/2010

Hi,am 45,23 stone,not lifted for years,how long should i be working out for before i do my first cycle?

To the original poster… I am in the same boat as you - contemplating my first cycle and in the process of collecting information. As previously pointed out, you should REALLY take a month or two to get educated before you dive into AAS and assume the risk. You might trust this friend of yours, and he might have good intentions, but unless he is suggesting you research HGC, he is giving you bad advice that could affect your ability to have children for the rest of your life. That’s a pretty silly risk for a compound that can be easily obtained for less than 50$ and taken on cycle to prevent your testes from shrinking and being damaged.

Cycling is harder than it looks. I been reading a lot and there is so much conflicting theories. Honestly I wish there was an experienced user who can coach me, but that would be hard to find in my area. I am also so nervous about bunk gear and if the source I would get it from is 100% legit. I still have not started a cycle and I have been reading. The problem is that the more I read the more confused I get. TB40 are you serious? I did not know Sust is that cheap. Anyway let me know if you ever cycle. I want to cycle with a map laid out in front of me. Like how much should I inject and what PCT etc etc. As for now I will keep on browsing.

Hey bandit. I take it that you are 45 years old and weigh 322 pounds. I am no expert here but I am guessing most of your weight is fat. I am pretty sure that now is not a good time to cycle for you. I would try to lose as much body fat as I can before I start a cycle. From what I have read, it is best to start cycling once you achieve a lean muscular build naturally. You are 45 though and I am pretty sure it will be harder for you to build muscle because you are older. I would like to hear other people’s advice.

He was referring to hCG.

I think you’re overcomplicating this. Cycling is easy. Yes, you need to continue doing research until you’re comfortable. But a first cycle plan is easy and dead simple. There are tons of threads on here that lay it all out for you.

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Did you do cycle?

Also your arms monstrous but you have almost no chest very weird

Your friend is a weird one. Most people that I encounter have more acne and control issues with sust because of the difference in esters. Unless you dose it ED at a small amount. Just my 2 cents