Taking Surge Pre Workout?

I know it’s technically a postworkout drink, but does it work well also as a pre-workout drink? Somedays I’m really dead tired and I need a little pickup before my workout.

I always have half a serving before and the other half after.

Depending on my goal at hand, I’ll add in what equates to another half of a serving in the middle of my workout.

I know everyone has some down days, but if you’re beat up a majority of the time, I’d look at the rest of your diet/training/sleep habits.

I’m in the middle of a cutting cycle right now, which is most likely the cause due to my caloric deficit.

I think it’s better as a preworkout drink. I take 1/3 preworkout. Sip during workout. And the remaining 1/3 postworkout. Check out Shugart’s double-dose Surge project. I always do this protocol whatever my physique goals, whenever using Surge. Only the amount changes-less when maintaining or moderate dieting. The only time I ditch it is when strict low-carb dieting and getting to mid single-digit bodyfat. Then I swap for BCAAs, whey isolate, taurine, and glutamine

If you need a pickup before your workout you’re better off using something like Spike. Although this will probably be considered heresy here on T-Nation, I don’t think that spiking insulin before you workout makes sense from a biochemistry perspective. I use low-carb Metabolic Drive 2.5 scoops, because liquid nutrients are faster to be absorbed, and it’s true that you do want some protein in there before you get started.

The key to improving performance is to begin your workout while blood sugar is on the upswing.

As long as you’re training hard, your body is very efficient at regulating blood sugar during exercise. That is provided that you’re not doing marathon duration workouts. When working at for longer periods it becomes more crucial to consume nutrients during training.

I like Spike preworkout and Surge post workout.