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Taking Supps on Vacation

What’s the deal these days with taking supps on a plane for vacation?

I have a bottle of Alpha Male I’m using and want to know if it’s okay to carry on the plane.

Does it need to be in my carry on or what? Are they going to give me trouble for bringing pills on a plane?

Much thanks.

I carried mine in a pill box. No issues.

Thanks; specifically, was your pill box one of those weekly planner type things? And we’re you able to take it in your carry on?

Like a soap box. Blue plastic. Had in my suit case to London.

TSA don’t give a fuck about your snake oil.

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Ha…inert pills are of no concern

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This is a troll post right? Alpha male? Really? HaHa

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So blunt made me laugh thanks

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Just hide the bottle under your stash of crack cocaine and you should be fine. It may also help to confuse them sniffer dogs!

Thanks everyone

hey guys, I’ve got shirts and pants that I want to take on a plane. Can you take shirts and pants on a plane? what about a toothbrush? should I put the toothbrush in a discreet carrying case?

Not trolling; I also would like to take with my my powdered herbs but not sure if powders in containers seems sketchy.

an unidentified powder is a more legit question… particularly if it’s white lol.

If you put it in a carry on, and it’s not in original packaging (or even if it is), it may be tested. But as long as it’s not a banned substance where you’re traveling, it should be fine. I’ve taken supplements on international flights with no issue, BUT there are a handful of countries that have very strict rules. One reason is nutty governments. The other is issues with bringing non-native plants/food to the country that could be harmful.

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You’re funny. I don’t go on planes much! But I appreciate your sense of humor.

Yeah, cause my ashwaghanda powder is an off-white powder, while the gotu kola is green, so not so worried about this last one.

I have air tight containers I keep them in to avoid putting them in plastic bags which would look sketch. I don’t think these herbs are banned where I’m going but now I’ll double check.

I don’t think I’ll keep these in my carry on, though. Unless I have enough space.

Thanks again.

you haven’t mentioned if you’re flying internationally, or even what country you’re in now, lol. That info would help.

The problem with checking them in your bag is that you don’t get an opportunity to explain what it is, if there’s an issue.

Is there a reason you can’t encapsulate the powders yourself? I’ve capped powders before, it’s not that difficult. if you do that, you can put them in a supplement container and likely not have an issue.

as far as plastic bags go, honestly that’s what I usually use. I just throw the supplements (capsules) I need into a bag for the week or whatever, and that’s sufficient. I take them in my carry on, I never check bags.

Side Note about flying: I actually never check bags, period. I always mail the stuff I need ahead of time to my destination (hotel or wherever I’ll be). Statistically speaking, checked bags with airlines are significantly more likely to be lost than packages sent with either UPS or FedEx. And with Ups and fedex, the contents of your shipment undergo far less scrutiny than checked bags on an airline. Something to consider. It’s also usually less expensive.

Your idea to mail yourself the stuff you need is genius. I’m actually traveling within the U.S. and didn’t see any issues with my supplements in South Carolina, so I think I could get away with these containers (that I’ll keep in my carry on). Or perhaps it’s best to take a week off from them all, which would save me some hassle. I’ll figure it all out from here—thanks a lot for your help and suggestions. And I’ve never tried encapsulating my stuff but will consider it for sure in the future.

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oh ya man. Domestic flights are easy, you’ll be just fine doing whatever you want, lol.

If you do decide to take the powder in powder form, make sure you look up the size limits on what you can bring, because there are specs like that with TSA. I’ve traveled with protein powder before, and that’s a thing they look at.

Since you enjoyed my last tip on travel, here’s another one: get TSA pre-check, or global entry if you don’t have it already. It allows you to leave your liquids in your bag instead of having to remove them at the TSA line (among other benefits). I take oversized liquids on planes pretty much everytime I fly now because I don’t have to take them out of my bag for inspection. Before I had Global Entry, I had an issue bringing Brain Candy on planes, because it comes in little bottles that are bigger than what TSA allows. Never had a problem since I got global entry.

Yeah keep laughing at the OP. I bet none of the people poking fun at his question have been to China, Singapore, or majority Muslim countries.

drink beer and have fun its fucking vacation man !

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