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Taking Statin While on Dbol

I was wondering if it’s ok to take a statin drugs while on dbol or if that would cause liver damage to a great degree.also Im on trt is it bad to take statins with this as well


I hope the reason for no replies is that people generally understand that a question like this is not best answered here, or anywhere on the internet.

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There’s a few sources stating it gets metabolized by CYP3A4. You should look that up, search for a good source on that. If that’s true, I’d advise you to be careful with statins especially the simvastatin type because you’ll risk a very dangerous condition called rhabdomyolysis.

Statins are hepatotoxic but not that much. I don’t know how well your liver handles dbol but I’d guess the liver isn’t the biggest problem here.

Be careful.

No problems with just TRT, no.

Where then when not in the Pharma section of a forum? With a doctor? I don’t get this chain of argument. People generally know what to expect when they ask the internet. We discuss very very toxic substances here on a daily basis, way worse than this.

To boot, most MD’s legitimately know very little about AAS and thus this carries over to a lack of knowledge regarding drug interactions.

Statins + c17-aa compounds = heightened risk of hepatic complications within an acute context.

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When we say “Pharma” in a lifting forum, we’re generally talking about steroids, not steroids combined with statins, or other medications that indicate other underlying problems with no further discussion of medical history. So yes, with a doctor, but I appreciate you being up front with how ridiculous this place can be.

Also, the use of statins may also indicate an individual has a congenital disorder (something along the lines of familial hypercholesterolemia) in which case AAS use, particuarly the use of orals would be deemed quite risky.

Perhaps OP has had a myocardial infarction, is now on statins and is using AAS (eeeee)

Yeah, that’s one of many possible reasons why this might be a bad idea. I don’t know much about this stuff, but I’d have to know a hell of a lot to ask “with a doctor?” with the same disdainful tone one would expect if I had suggested asking a florist how to engineer a warp drive.

Are you telling me a florist CAN’T assemble a warp drive? That people without any relevant experience in certain fields shouldn’t be giving potentially life altering advice?

Drat! Someone should’ve told me this, I’ve bestowed myself the responsibility of operating a fighter jet tomorrow. (not serious)

All joking aside - and I know you were joking - my initial post was meant to deter people from bestowing on themselves the responsibility of giving advice to someone who might be making a fatal decision. This person isn’t asking if it’s okay to take a particularly dangerous drug, they’re asking about the safety and consequences of taking multiple substances with nothing but a few words on an internet post. I don’t buy into the “people generally know what to expect when they ask the internet” mantra. From what I’ve seen, the vast majority of people haven’t a damn clue what to expect when asking the internet.

I’d tend to agree. It does appear as if many people ask certain questions and/or document ventures as a quasi attempt to procure validation for their own unhealthy behaviours. “Waffleyeet6969 said it’s okay, therefore it must be okay”.

Unfortunately it’d be difficult to find a doctor with the relevant experience/knowledge base to ask about this particular issue. Said doctor would also require the patients medical history in order to make an educated assessment.

My endocrinologist/GP could answer this question (and it’s one I’ve asked out of sheer curiosity, there are many variables that stack up). From a purely black and white perspective, it increases the risk of serious complications within an acute context

Some people were supposedly willing to (and did) drink bleach after the presidents speech about disinfectant and covid-19. There are those who will take anything at face value.

The best answer isn’t no answer. The best answer is what to look out for and a warning like


Now he knows why he shouldn’t or what he shouldn’t do. I think that’s way better than him just doing it because no one said anything.

That’s not true. We’re talking about hCG (peptide), on cycle support, SERMS, HGH, T4, sympathomimetics and others. Then we talk about liver values and cholesterol as well as ways to handle that, so sometimes statins too. And many others. Often people then talk it over with their doc, often not.

I’m not the one here deciding what somebody else does with his health. I think AAS use is detrimental to ones health and I think most users shouldn’t be using but that doesn’t mean I walk around yelling at everybody who does. I’ll try to give advice to prevent damage or to help. I don’t like censoring what people can see so they don’t have any info and then do stuff unknowingly, that happens too. That’s the reason why places like this exist, to discuss the most effective, least dangerous way to use these drugs. Interactions are part of that. I also don’t think one has to put a disclaimer on every message like “not giving medical advice here”, that would be ridiculous.

He could go to a doctor but the doctors I’ve been to, don’t know what I’m talking about sometimes if I name the active compound by it’s INN name (besides something like paracetamol/acetaminophen for you). So how would one ask if “dbol” which is metandienon does fit with a drug? He would have to find that one doctor out of a thousand that’s interested in AAS enough to know the substances to get good advice.

I don’t think you have bad intentions or I have. I think we’re just disagreeing on the part of what’s safe to discuss and what isn’t. I’m more libertarian in that department. But I’m of the same opinion that everything anybody here said should be verified by the reader. @readalot wrote something I very much liked (I’m paraphrasing) “you should see me as anybody else on the internet. Just some random guy, not of the profession stating his opinion”. He also never used the appeal to authority.

Ok enough of that.

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Statins are fantastic. 50% reduction in LDL (provided to LDLr defects are present) and marginal increase in HDL can make a world of difference for someone on gear (specifically the DHT derivitaves/non aromatising drugs like drostanolone, methenolone etc)

Actually I believe this is of paramount importance and I frequently reiterate this on the rare occasions I dispense any sort of advice regarding harm reduction. People shouldn’t be taking my advice at face value. I’m not a doctor, pharmacist, scientist… hell I don’t have a degree in anything.

Everybody must treat anybody on here like that. That is my point. No need to say in every post you aren’t a professional because that should be clear.
I don’t think anybody thinks somebody called unreal or lordgains is a medical professional spending their free time here. Otherwise they would go to a page where somebody answers that openly is known to be a professional. I think IF YOU ARE a professional you can sometimes mention it when it’s important for a story but never to get people to believe your statements.

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Yeah I understand ask a doctor but I’m on trt a d mentioning I take dbol could get me kicked off of that