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Taking Some Gear on Plane?

Hey guys!

I have aa question… If someone has some experience on flying with gear?

So i’m going to work in spain now… I have some gear like 6vials (2xnpp, 2x sustanon, 2x test e).
Now i’m curious what should i do…
Now maybe 2-3vials wouldn’t be a problem taking on plain in laugage betwene the hygiene stuff maybe…
And other send through post…

Have someone some ideas about that what could i do…
But i need it because i won’t come back for months…

Thanks for any Suggestions!!!

Oh man forgot to write… I’m from EU too… Germany to be percise… So i’m flying from germany(stuttgart) to (spain).

So you have some experiance about that?
Probably in spain isn’t so ankle abou that… And what i heard the glass wials are barely wisible on the xray… But still…
I even tought putting an fake insulin etiket on it just for procasion.

Any ideas abou tamoxifen and clomid? Those arwnt illegal i suppose…

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Mail it.

Don’t take unnecessary risk in life that can potentially affect your freedom.

Zeek i know… But problem is with npp… Im on it and wouldn’t like to be off for too long… Let’s say if i take just two vials… How would someone perfere to hide or stash it… Or just in betwen shower gels and stuff

So you mail your gear and keep a vial with you. Use it til your ready to get on plane then Ditch it. Mail your gear a week before hand using a quick delivery system. When you land pick up your gear and continue.

Idk how airports work in the EU or Spain. Here in America they are tight. And I just would not recommend messing around with them. For this reason I’m not comfortable giving you advice. If hate for you to take it then end up caught because of something I suggested.

How long would you be off it, assuming you mailed the gear the day you got on the plane? How long would it take for the package to get to your destination?

Yes zeek i understand what you triing to say… I respect that!

I got to rethink everithing.

Bwah… It depends… Between 5-10day if everithing goes smooth…

I taught about taking just one ore two vials on plane and other to send… One of npp ant test e(just if it gets hold up for too long)
I’m in a bit of dilemma :slightly_smiling_face:

OP, with a script you can but man if you get caught without a script… unless maybe it’s not a controlled substance there?

I have to respond to you from the other thread… do you really think David Laid’s physique is obtainable without gear or were you being funny?

Advice is always to bury it deep within something, within something. In a plastic ziplock, maybe in bubble wrap so it won’t break and leak. Put it in a checked bag. Very low odds it would get caught.

So I went and looked at a bunch of his pics on Google. The answer is yes and no.

From what he looks like in the majority of his pics and how I assume he stays most of the year yes absolutely. For someone who starts to properly train and diet at the age of 15 if you stay dedicated by you early 20s sure.

Now you can tell in some pics he clearly juices my guess is these are paid photo shoot pics or contest prep pics.

The key here is starting your training when you in your early teens when your natty levels are thru the roof. For someone who is in thier late 20s or 30s getting that physique without the use of at least testosterone would be extremely difficult if not impossible

But that’s just my opinion. There is a lot to take into consideration. I got pretty damn big before I ever touched gear. People would ask me all the time what cycle I was on etc and my answer would be protien and creatine.

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Nah, I’ve never seen anyone with that physique naturally. Maybe a short guy that is really lean but then he wouldn’t have that same mass.

I don’t see how anyone training since 15 gets there by 21, it’s not possible. He is what 6 ft 1? super lean, with mass, traps, shoulders, abs, and now he even has huge quads. So he has all of it. Personally never seen anyone look like that naturally, let alone in such a short period of time - 6 years of training ( by himself without a coach) lolll

Idk man is it likely probably not. I wouldn’t go as far as saying impossible. Iv seen some pretty amazing natural physiques that shit on a lot of people’s physiques running gear

You would be flat out insane to risk your money and possibly your freedom in order to not be slightly inconvenienced for 5-10 days. This isn’t even a rational discussion.

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The NPP is what could get him in trouble. Again, not taking it for five days is a perfectly acceptable outcome versus being hassled at the airport and all the things that can come of that. The risk is near zero for mailing it and it is much higher for trying to smuggle it into the plane. I don’t even see how this is a debate.

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So some serious answers from you…
You say i could get intontrouble becouse vials even when i got one with me (npp most dangerous)?

How does it looks lik with tamox and clomid… This actualli isnt illegal is it!?

So you suggest better not to take none with on plane…

They’re putting hormones in the chicken and milk, tell them you’re eating the anabolic chickens.

Do you have a prescription for the testosterone or the nandrolone? If not then you’re in possession of a substance you’re not allowed to have. Airport security exists for the sole purpose of keeping people from taking things on planes that they are not allowed to have. That’s literally their job. So what risk are you taking by mailing it instead? Almost none, right? So what’s the downside of doing the smart thing vs the really dumb thing?

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No, i have no perscription for it normally…
So the beat way would be to just mail it to the hotel i’ll be living in and that’s it…?

So no taking it on the plane…

And what about Tamoxifen and Clomid? That isn’t illegal is it?

Pills are easier to hide in a pill bottle with vitamins or whatever. It’s liquids that raise suspicion with security. Having 10ml of an unidentified liquid go through security would be something they’d like to avoid. Again, low chance of being caught, but the chance still exists and isn’t giving you much added benefit vs mailing it.

So basically what you are say’n is that i should just mail everithing together to avoid problems…
Tnx for that i probably needed that advice… Else i would take it on plane… So thanks again!

Than tell me something else if you possibly know,
I have like 20packs of Kamagra(generic viagra) that i got for a wery good price… That’s why so mutch…
But they are not in the original carton package anymore(uses too mutch space) i took them out and put them all in one box (not pills themselfe but in the inner alu package) i hope you understand what i’m saying.

You know some about that and airport?
Probably there is no problem taking so mutch on plane since they are lrgaly bought without perscription in EU…?