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Taking Protein with Creatine Mixture


My goal is weightloss and ive just got some Hurricane which is apparently Protein with Creatine and also higher carbs than im use to with my usual protein.

Can anyone advice me about using this as opposed to just taking protein whey which im used to.

Is it ok to take this stuff on days wen im not training or only doing cardio?

Thanks for the help.

Do you need the extra carbs?

Only you can answer that.

hey… i assume you mean hurricane xs. from myprotein.co.uk


its a mixture of whey protein, whey isolate, creatine, oats, HMB and L-Glutamine.

the website says to take it as a meal replacement (preferably breakfast) and then after any training you do.

my mate used this stuff and said it was good, he made decent gains and the taste was awesome too. but he was bulking not cutting. i dont know how good this stuff will lend itself to cutting.

whats ur training, diet?

Mainly weights, WS4SB style max effort and rep days with also cleans and sometimes C and J.

I try to do as much cardio as i can too, jogging home from work etc.

Need to bring in some interval running also!

I am very conscious of the extra carbs as the reason for asking really.

Im not too worried about weight for so getting lean if that makes sense. Like im probably as heavy as ever yet im probabaly near as lean as i ever was, just want to get alot leaner if that makes sense. My body is taking shape but need to turn a few pounds of fat into muscle really!

Its actually called body fortress hurricane from holland and barrett but think its similar to the one u described!

My diet is good the majority of the time!

I sometimes eat junk food but the majority of time its high in protein and main carbs i have is from green veg etc.

I eat two slices of whole meal bread or else a baked potato early in the day and try to avoid carbs at night and just eat green veg and chicken etc.

Im gonna give it a try but mainly take it after training and try get natural protein maybe that a shake on off days, extra can of tuna or something!!!

Wat u guys reckon?