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Taking Protein and Creatine Together?


At these days i train 3-4 times a week, and i've started using Creatine and protein at the same time! Is it stupid to use both? and when should my intakes of it be? morning, after workout and before bedtime?



Here is an article on creatine that I thought was a good read: http://www.tmuscle.com/free_online_article/sports_body_training_performance_bodybuilding_supplements/catching_up_on_creatine


What kind of creatine are you using?

I get the Biotest Micronized German Creatine, and add a scoop to my POST-workout shake. If i recall correctly, it uses the Aminos for transport to the muscle sites.


I think all that matters is that you take it. It probably won’t be used by your body the same day you take it, from what I’ve heard/read.


Just normal creatine monohydrate, i only take about 5grams a day :stuck_out_tongue: i’ve been told that’s enough


I don’t think it matters, but if I do think about it, I try to take creatine before workout or after workout in one of my pre or post drinks.

But you’re maintaining a higher level of this stuff in your blood over a period of weeks, so I really don’t think it matters.


i actually just used to split it up, half before workout and half after, worked well


Creatine is ok with a protein shake, as long as your shake has a significant amount of fast-carbs in order to quickly transport the creatine to the site of muscle activity.

There are arguments about whether creatine monohydrate, creatine ethyl ester or others digest the fastest, but basically the action looks like this:

ATP(Adenosinetriphosphate) --> goes to Site of muscle-in-action. Phosphates used as energy, ATP breaks down into --> ADP(AdenosineDIphosphate - USELESS)

Now, with the supplementation of Creatine:

ATP(Adenosinetriphosphate) --> goes to Site of muscle-in-action. Phosphates used as energy, ATP breaks down into --> ADP(AdenosineDIphosphate) Creatine presence Helps ADP reconstitute into ATP again and the phosphates can once again be broken down into energy, therefore making you get more reps or a heavier load.

Now, knowing that fast, high GI carbs such as grape juice digest quickly and are used as energy FIRST during a workout, Drinking your creatine with it will ensure that the creatine will be delivered to the most stressful site of ATP --> ADP usage.