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Taking pro hormones

Hey guys.

This is a serious question. If I take the Mag 10 up my a-hole, will it be of greater effect? what about Methoxy-7?

Since a lot of the problems with pro hormones seems to have been to get it past the liver, I wonder if this might be the best thing to do. Take it like an enema.

Worked for me.

This subject has come up frequently lately. Look, if you guys like to put things up your butt, by all means go nuts. But there’s no need to spend money on supplements; a good quality dildo will probably run you far less and should last forever.

Next we'll see posts from someone who wants to know if he can take his FOOD rectally. Of course his favorites will be carrots, cucumbers, zucchini, etc. :)

(There really is no benefit to administering those supps rectally. Just take them orally and you'll be fine.)

Well, I don’t think it’ll fit with your head being in the way.

PLEASE tell me you are joking!

Just tell your boyfriend to lube up with mag-10. Should work for you.

It’s a serious question. I have no need for homophobics. If you guys are so obsessed with sexuality, why don’t you head (pun intended) for a more fitting site? MaleMuscle.com?

As far as I know I am straight, and my girlfriend probably agrees with me.

Again: Will the uptake be better if taken rectally?

Okay. If we are to take you seriously, then lets. The French are very into taking their drug up the bum. In digestion, most of the breakdown and intake of food takes place in the small intestine. There is no way you are going to get a hose in there safely. The large intestine does absorb some but mostly water and a few vitamins and minerals. You would still need a 14 inch hose at the least.
But don’t worry. MAG-10 and Methoxy-7 are formulated to be absorded the regular way.

I can’t believe that you really want to do this. I don’t think that it is necessary. The efficiency on these products is remarkable. I have taken it (orally) and got great results. If you got the cash to burn then try it out. See if your chick will do it for you. In my unproffesional opinion I don’t think it will help any more if not hinder.

Thanks Pro.

Good reply. It was just that I saw that some ache pills are supposed to be taken rectally, which I thought could be something to copy.

But I guess not.

Ya, you won’t get anything of nutritive value absorbed like that. Some medications are applied rectally, but Americans are (by the funny responses to your question) QUITE opposed to same. For instance, Indomethacin is a tremendously effective NSAID, but one which can shred your stomach. Suppositories are available, and work very well. I’ve recommended they be used to abort migraine headaches–$3 per treatment and no Imitrex injection. Many would find them to be incredibly effective, and the ladies can actually take them vaginally (so, they are used to putting things in there). Yet there are few takers for this cheap, convenient solution, even for a condition as life changing as migraine headaches can be. My understanding is that Europeans are not so opposed to suppositories.

You’d have to take it out of the bottle first. THEN shove the bottle. Swallow the product like it SAYS IN THE DIRECTIONS!