Taking Primobolan In Between TRT

Hi, I am a 33 year old I’m on trt testogel 2 sashes a day,my next endo appointment is 2 month away, I’m thinking of using primobolan in-between check ups,my question is if my appointment is in 2 months what would be the best time to have my last shot of primo?? just incase I have a blood test done for testosterone, thanks

uhmmmm… well… you see…

this forum is pretty much dedicated to helping those in need of HRT to find some sort of balance in their life. I think the cycling steroids forum may be more appropriate for you.

balancing HRT is difficult enough without throwing in additional variables.

You may want to read through the stickies (the threads stuck at the top of the forum). If you have any legitimate questions about HRT that does not involve cycles then there are many here who would glady be of help. just give us some more details.

best of luck.