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Taking Powder on an Airplane


So I know the best thing to do is call the airline directly and find out, but the answer I got was pretty much 'it should be alright, but if it isnt theyll just have you throw it away'

Im traveling this weekend for 4-5 days, trying to trudge through V-Diet (possibly V-Diet lite given the traveling) and wondering how realistic it is that Ill be able to check in(forgot carry on) a bag full of a 2lb tub of Metabolic Drive and super food?

Thanks in advance
(im thinking ill just pick up a tub when i arrive or something)


I routinely fly (US domestic) with protein powder in tupperware and/or in its original container in my carry on luggage as well as in my laptop case.

Since the first of the year, I've checked-in at an airport 10 times (ie. 5 trips). Never had a problem.

Last year I checked in a 5lb tub and 2 boxes protein bars for a trip to Europe. No probs.


carry-on huh? you my friend, just delivered me the best news of the week .


I had a full tub of Metabolic Drive in my carryon. They opened my bag to look at it, but that's all.


I should add that my tub was sealed. Not sure if it matters.


Amazing. Now at least I can take my protein on my connections.


They'll swab powder containers for explosive residue often enough, but no Biotest products trigger them. I've taken Metabolic Drive and MAG-10 through explosive tests.


Well then I'm not buying any more Biotest stuff. If it doesn't trigger tests for explosive residue then what the fuck good is it??!!?


Interesting...I've never heard of a swab or explosive test. It was usually "throw it out" even if its in a container.


I flew from Toronto to Birmingham with protein powder in my suitcase.

It was in a ziplock bag.


no probs


But they will throw away a full tube of toothpaste? Or facial cream? Wife and I just took the kids to Orlando and they "pitched" those two. I think they just grab all this stuff and split it up at the end of shift. I bet they havent bought toothpaste in years.


I have taken MAG-10 and Anaconda measured out in per serving in plastic bags without a problem.


God Damn Nards...

You're a funny dude


I've carried tubs of protein in a plane from Russia to Brazil and a tub split in ziplock bags from the US to Russia. Only once I was asked to show the contents of my bag, they took a look at it and put it back on my bag and allowed me to proceed.

Now gym CHALK is another story, that's were the devil lies. I was detained for 40 minutes for carrying a bit of chalk in a plastic bag ( not even sealed ) together with my lifting belt. Funny how those things go, considering my friend had a disassembled paintball gun ( modeled like an M16 ) and wasn't even asked to open his bag.


Just to be safe, you should probably hide it up your butt


Half my stuff gets swabbed every time I fly.. they wipe this cloth on whatever the item is then put it in a machine to analyze the sample.


Out of 10 or so flights I boarder with an opened creatine container out of DTW/back they made me open it once.


Hmmm switching protein for test powder


Walk onto the plane and yell out "I HAVE A BOMB"


If you look like a terrorist, I could see it being a problem.