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Taking Oral Test Twice a Month?

Just curious if anyone has tried this.

Im about to end my current cycle and uncertain if i would want to do another down the track. Besides the good gains, the only thing I’d really miss is the confidence boost and high libido from the extra t.

Would taking 120mg - 200mg oral test undeca say once a fortnight mess with my natural test too much?

I know these can be dangerous if used stupidly, I don’t want to risk my health just for a good night.

Mess with it? No. It would just shut it down completely.

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Nah it wouldn’t, oral test U has an oral bioavailability of like 0-3% so bed be getting say 0-6mg of exogenous test once every 2 wks. It would do absolutely nothing beneficial or adverse, it’s just a stupid idea

It’d be like me saying “I wanna take 5 mg of Anavar once a month #gainz”… Why…

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I completely forgot about the oral conversion. Good catch.

Not taking it for the gains, but for confidence and libido. My current cycle I’m about to end is test e 500mg tren e 500mg split in 2 hits a week. Not interested in becoming a giant, but the 2 mentioned side effects from this cycle were fantastic.

Test no ester (TNE) is your jam. But it’s a bad idea, man. Try being confident without drugs and I bet you find that it’s within you.

That oral test is supposed to by pass the stomach and get absorbed in the intestines. It’s still attached to the ester yet it doesn’t have any extended half life just like oral primo. Well it might have a traditional half life but I can’t find anything on it and I have looked. I was originally just kind of baffled by the oral primo because everything I read leads me to believe that it has the methylation and an ester yet everything says it is not liver toxic. The 17aa is a methylation and it is most definitely liver toxic. How is oral primos methylation not toxic? I don’t understand it. Is there a different special methylation for oral primo?

When I first read about the oral test undeconate I to thought wow just take pills and get a cycle type of levels in the blood but if you had kept reading you had to take the 100-200mg every day! That high dose obviously has to do with oral availability. Yet everything I read about it and oral primo just won’t give a clear answer as to weather the ester extends the half life or not. If the ester does not extend the half life then why not just regular test in the oily solution inside those gel caps? Maybe the ester does slow down the half life a tiny bit when orally ingested?

I am not a doctor so this stuff can pretty quickly get over my head. I felt I should jump in here so that maybe someone with more knowledge might fill us in.