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Taking Only Arimidex?



I am not ready to go on a full T treatment plan yet. However, I tend to store all of my fat in my chest. The rest of me is leaning out, but not the man boobs. I don't think it is full on gyno based on the fact that it feels soft, not glandular.

I am wondering, is it possible/recommended to make use of Arimidex by itself? Would there be any negative effects of using only and anti-romatase? Do anti-aromatase drugs need to be cycled?

Thanks, just exploring at this point.


it is possible, but without blood tests results to go on, it is just a shot in the dark.

aromatase drugs used for HRT are usually life long unless the underlying condition causing the symptoms changes. most have issues trying to dial in the correct dosage and then stay there until some other variable changes.

blood work is normally suggested before you start any treatment otherwise you could be doing yourself more harm than good.


I have seen men on TRT stop it and do just Arimidex and get good levels not many but it happens. Here is a link about this in older men still I see this happen to younger men.

And this one.

As for taking Arimidex you need labs I like Quest labs test for Estradiol #4021 the range is 13 to 54 pg/ml best level is 20 pg/ml for most men. Here is a copy of a file I made about not going to low on Arimidex.

How To Take Arimdex and not go down on your Estradiol to Low.

What I found is if you go to low taking arimidex, it's the length of time your to low, if your too low say for 8 weeks it can take your body a longer time to make more Estradiol. Bottom line is to know how not to go to low. Keep a log on your dose and how you feel men going to low can't get it up taking Viagra. I went to low when I first tried Arimidex and did not know about going to low or how one feels to low, so I was low a good 8 weeks. I did not know I was low until my next labs.

The best gage I have found to control your Estradiol levels is to gage your night time and morning wood. At good levels or what I call the sweet spot you get your night time and morning wood back so strong it will wake you up and you can hang a coat on it.

Most men do good taking .25 mgs or 1/4 of a 1mg. pill, I use a pill cutter to cut the small pill in half then I stand it on the cut end and use a single edge razor to cut this in half. A good way to take arimidex is by how high your levels are. I tested over 90 pg/ml so we tried doing .5 mgs every other day after 8 weeks my next set of labs showed it did not move below 90, test said >90. So we did .5 mgs. every day in about 2 weeks I got some strong night time and morning wood back after not having them for many yrs.

I kept doing this dose and in 8 weeks my next set of labs said <20 back in the day labs were like this they did not have to good labs we have today they could not read lower the 20. My Dr. told me this looks to low to stop taking the Arimidex. The one thing I noticed was my wood stopped and stopping the Arimidex my wood came back in about 7 weeks my next test at 8 weeks was 24 pg/ml. So we went back on the Arimidex but the Dr. told me to take .5 mgs every 3 days I was on this dose not a week and lost wood. This is when I figured out going to low you lose wood. And the longer your too low the longer it takes to get levels back up.

I stopped the arimidex right away and got my wood back in 4 days. I then after playing with the dose for a time found the best dose is .25mgs every 2 to 3 days.

So lets say your labs are less the 50 pg/ml if your take .5 mgs you can go down so dam fast your miss the sweet spot of your wood and go to low. It's best with lower levels 50 and under to do less Arimidex .25mgs every 2 days if later your lose wood when it comes back go to every 3 days.

I have found estradiol is the hardest hormone to control, it goes up or down from month to month some times I need .25mgs every 2 days other times I need .25mgs everyday most of the time I do well on every 3 days.

So between wood and labs I do great and so do most of the men I have told this to. I keep a log on how much I am taking and how I feel. Doing this and reading back in my log I was able to tell when I was going to high or to low my Dr. lets me dose my arimidex by how I feel.

Over the yrs. I have posted this story until I am blue in the face.



Starting to take adex just because you "think" your E2 may be too high is retarded. You are talking about playing around with your hormones here and you want to go into it a dark room with a blindfold on? Christ.

Get your labwork done first before you think of doing something like this. Get the test pmgamer recommended from Quest.


Thank you all for the replies. I wouldn't think of using something like this without lab work. I was just wondering if it was possible to take it by itself or if it always has to be in conjunction with T replacement.



Read the links try testing this if your Total T is low with your LH and FSH and your Estradiol is high this is why your LH and FSH is low. Some Dr.'s think this is a Pituitary problem but it's not it's the high Estradiol. In men there Estradiol E2 is made from Testosterone so when your Estradiol levels are high mine were over 90 you bain thinks this is Testosterone and slows down sending the LH and FSH message to your testis and your can end up with low T. First thing I tell men to try is getting E2 down retest if your still low with low LH and FSH then you might have a Pituitary Problem.


LH: 7.8mIU/mL "1.7-8.6 mIU/mL"
ESTRADIOL: 38.4 pg/mL "7.6-42.6 mIU/mL"
Test Total: 336 "250-1100 ng/dL"
Free Test %: 2.37 "1.5-2.2 pg/mL"
Testos free: 79.6 "35-155 pg/mL"
Estrogen: <50 pg/ml

this post kinda ties in with mine, after visiting an endo today I have come to the conclusion since my LH is high and my free test is good, the only reason for my sex drive and changing moods and body composition would be from the high E2 readings. I plan on either getting arimidex or letro and starting small and attempting to hit the "sweet spot" If this doesnt work, ill be back at square one again. However my overall TT reading does puzzle me for being only 21


Tampamuscle I have bad news for you. Your E2 is fine. It would need to be double what it is right now effect mood negatively. Don't fall into the "it must be hormones" trap. I speak from several years of experience and trust me your labs are fine.


21 years old and a TT of 336ng/dl is very low. Plus a high LH reading? That seems kinda abnormal.


One thing we need to know is what time of he day did you do them labs if it was later in the day you can be this low. Total T levels are the highest in the morning this is when you need to test them. If you did them in the morning you need to see an Uro. and have your testis checked they are not working making enough T the high LH is your Pituitary screaming at them to make more.

Some men with Estradiol at your level are senative to it one way to tell if you too high is by your night time and morning wood if you don't have them your Estradiol might be to high for you. Here is what I would do get on some Zinc but take Copper with it 50 mgs of Zinc needs 2 mgs of Copper Zinc lowes Copper don't take at the same time of the day. I use ZMA at bedtime and get Zinc in my Multi Vit. and take the Copper at noon.

Every man needs to add in Zinc we don't get it from the corn fed meat we eat and Zinc will lower your Estradiol a little. Give this 4 weeks if you don't get night time and morning wood try some Indolplex/DIM one table at Dinner.


Thanks guys, and I also took these tests in the morning at 8am......

Even if the E2 isnt that outragous could it still be high enough to affect things since I am at 360's for TT?

I have ZMA but I stopped taking it because I was trying to see what my natural levels were, I will resume if it isnt going to damage what little output I have right now

I have a new set of labs that I will post when they come in next week, hopefully some improvement. still having trouble with my sex drive and overall well being. Gyno surgery is slated for aug 2nd


Buy it as a research chem and try it.