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Taking Omega 3 and Vitamin D3

hello. i have question. i’m taking 1000 mg of omega 3 daily thats it: 180 mg EPA & 120 mg DHA . i also taking vitamin D3 2000 IU a day. at this moment this is my vitamin stack. many people told me that i should take those vitamins no more than 1 month. so guys my question is with this dosages how long can i take omega 3 and vitamin D3? thank you!i

180mg EPA and 120mg DHA doesn’t amount to 1000mg omega 3 but 300mg. It seems you consume fish oil sofgels, it’s a very good choice. But you could take more, at least 3 a day.

Unlike hydrosoluble vitamins (like B and C group), you won’t excrete the excess liposoluble vitamins through urine. So it’s important NOT to CONSISTENTLY consume SIGNIFICANTLY more liposoluble vitamins on a daily basis. 2000ui is on the higher window, but it’s very unlikely you will get trouble because of that.

Omega 3 and D3 are necessary for well-being, you can take them year-round. But make sure you have your diet in check : supplements aren’t the solution to a crappy diet. In that case, both supplements are may become redundant in the context of a healthy diet.

I take 5000-10000 of D3 per day for over 4 years. I take 4000 of omega 3 fishoil the kind in the bottle no gel caps for the same period.

Here’s what happened. first pict before supplements

3 years later.

Very impressing !

May I ask if there was any significant change in your life, training or diet between both pictures, or is it only due to omega 3 and VitD supplementation?

Those doses look quite high, how big are you?

If you notice at the bottom of my first picture you will see my TT. This was a piece of my preTRT blood test. So yes lots of life changes. The 5000D3 and 4000O3 were prescribed by Defy Medical as a part of my TRT protocol. I did hike, mtn bike 3 days a week but no weight training back then I was 35-40# over weight. 5’9" 240# my waist was 42 now I’m 194 waist 34 I’m not really hiking much anymore but I do ride bike paths 3 days a week and go to the gym 5 days aweek. Weight lifting has become a new hobby I’ve never lifted in my youth.

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