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Taking Off While On


Curious if you guys omit rest days while on cycle, i know when im on cycle i rarely take off , maybe once every ten days if that, i know there are lots of ways to skin a cat so wondering what everyone elses approach is


I have found that I can train much longer during each lifting session while I am on cycle and usually only need 1 rest day per week. It really depends on the person though. Just remember it is still possible to over-train while on cycle.


i take off 1 time every 3 days.... my shoulder joints and muscles cant recover fast enough to not take off.


Even when ON i rest on Sundays and if I should feel that my joints need it.


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I'm currently in my 19th week of a 20 week Test-C/EQ Cycle. Earlier in this cycle (about 6-10 weeks in) I barely took any rest days, but it eventually caught up with my central nervous system and now I'm back to a 5 day routine.

At the peak of my "invincibility" I had a long heavy squat workout one morning, went home and took a nap, and returned early evening to do a heavy chest workout. The gym owner gave me that look like "I'm not stupid, I know what you're up to!" I'd go with it while you can though, and when it gets to be too much, take a day or 2 off, or cardio-only days if you can't sit still. Sometimes it really sucks not exercising at all the whole day while on a cycle, especially if you have a non-physical job.