Taking Oestrogen

Obviously I’m not going to do it, as we all know it’d be a terrible idea…

But why would it be? Serious question. Like, you could use exogenous oestrogen to turn off your own natural production, meaning you had total control over what your E levels were on cycle.

Or does it not work like that and your body’ll produce oestrogen every time it has testosterone in its system?

I thought estrogen just aromatised from testosterone, so even if exogenous estrogen were administered the aromatisation would still occur from the exogenous T? Also if there were a negative feedback loop for estrogen production like with Testosterone i imagine one would have to be higher than desirable levels to trigger it?

The only negative feedback mechanism i am aware of is the shutting down of gnrh > lh/fsh > T production but nothing to do with estrogen

tbh no clue if what i have written above is even close to correct lol

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see that was more or less my understanding too, but I wasn’t sure if there was a negative feedback loop. Seems like there is for all your other hormones (pretty much) so why not E?

I’m just thinking out loud really. Thread is intended for entertainment purposes. Please don’t anyone start taking their girlfriend’s birth control

kinda related side thought - Why is there such a strong link to female HRT and cancer but not with TRT in men?

Is it just due to estrogen as a hormone, hence the issues it can causes with cancer in men also, or is it more how it effects women?

Someone told me its due to chemicals added to the female hormone so that it could be patented by drug companies but I’m not sure that’s true.

Something i was thinking about the other day, as i self administer TRT in the UK and told me GP about it. She told me i should stop as she had been told it had cancer risks but as far as i am aware this is not true with male TRT.

na I wouldn’t believe that.

I know that high E is related to increased risk of hepatic adenoma, and that AIs and SERMs are used in the treatment of breast cancer, so the link must be there but fuck knows why.

The TRT cancer thing rears its head every now and then. Truth is we just don’t know.

Oh no… I saw this coming.

You watched the Ghostbusters remake, didn’t you?

well, estrogen is way more suppressive then testosterone is to the HPTA… so if you increase estrogen, you can expect that to have a significant effect on the HPTA recovery.

as long as you maintain E2 levels in an optimal range, then i guess it doesn’t matter where you get it: from an exogenous source or from your own aromatization. however, we all know that it can be a little unpredictable how much estrogen will aromatize from testosterone…

aromatization from testosterone into estrogen is a normal mechanism by the body in reducing what it sees as a high testosterone level… so just because you add in estrogen, doesn’t mean that it will limit what you convert. if you’re on a gram of test a week, your body is likely to convert some of that into estrogen, regardless…

i believe that higher E2 levels has a correlation with increased prostate cancer risk in men, as well.

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I think the only negative feedback loop is that high oestrogen will shut down testosterone, as aromatase conversion is the only significant source of estrogen in men. I have not heard of a negative feedback loop that would reduce the amount of aromatase produced.

Though I have toyed with the idea of taking wife’s progesterone creme while on winny to counter the inflammation and joint pain associated with the anti-progestagenic effects, and her doc seemed to think I was onto something.

It would make some sense if you tried to run something like Trenbolone cycle only. You could apply just the right amount of E and keep it at mid 20s while Trenbolone will take care of all androgen receptors.

The only issue that might arise is you possibly starving the local aromatization in the tissues (bone, brain etc) While serum E2 levels might be sufficient it’s still unknown if local T->E2 is a must.


that’s an interesting point

see this is basically what I was wondering about

haha, of course not. Only an idiot would go see that!

sorry for the late replies here, guys. Kinda forgot about the thread