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Taking My PCT


Hi all,

I just wanted to make sure that I was taking my PCT at the correct time, so that nothing i'm taking conflicts with one another.

Here was my cycle: (1-6)
HCGenerate 2-6
Forma Stanzol 2-6
n2Guard 1-6
n2slin 5.5-6 (Decided to throw it on)

Now, here is my PCT (currently the first day of week 7, the start of my PCT) (7-11)

Forged post cycle
Test Infusion
Forma stanzol
Keto burn (8-11)

Normal supplements: (Ran yearround)
Kirkland Fish oil softgels
Animal Pak multis
Power chews preworkout

*Starting a cut next week (Week 8) and running it through and beyond PCT

Now, here's how I'm taking it. The question is: Does everything sound good the way I'm doing it?

3 Test Infusion
1 Forged Post cycle
1 Fish oil Softgel
1 Animal Pak
6 pumps Forma Stanzol
2 Ketoburn (Starting next week)

3-5 Hours Later:
3 n2Guard

3 Test Infusion
1 Forged Post cycle
1 Fish Oil Softgel
6 Pumps Forma Stanzol
1 Ketoburn (Starting next week)

Before bed:
3 n2Guard

I eat a few more small meals before the day and I throw in 2 capsules 30 minutes prior to dinner and one of those meals of n2slin.


So basically I've read a lot of differing opinions on calories while on PCT. Some say maintenance, and others (The majority) say throw on more calories. The maintenance group says you'll become a bloated mess if you add more on. The others say if you add more on your muscles will be spared. What I'm doing now is putting more calories on week 7, then tapering 8, and week 9 be on full cut.


This is the current diet I'm eating as of right now. I've actually lost 2lbs since starting n2slin but am slowly gaining it back, so basically a tiny bit over maintenance.

(Only look at the far left column in the right picture, not the center or left)\

Edit: I forgot to add this to that picture: 188lbs, 15%BF and the calories that go to that picture are 3,977.




WTF is all this shit? Did you buy it at GNC?


You aren't getting any response for a reason. This question doesn't quite belong here. Helladrol is a PH and your PCT is all OTC stuff that really won't do much. This is not really stuff that most of the guys here will be familiar with. You may want to check out a forum for PH's and there are likely to be people that can better assist you there.


the guy at GNC told me they were real sterons!!! LOL


Yea he studied them between his 4th and 5th period classes...


Sorry guys, I wasn't aware that this wasn't a PH forum. I've been running a few of these cycles and have seen some great gains, though. Those GNC posts made me wince though.

@installglass OTC doesn't necessarily mean mild. Although Helladrol is meant to be a mild compound.

Thanks anyway guys.


For our purposes here it does. OTC is useless with AAS. We use pharmaceutical products for PCT. Honestly you should too. What you have is not of great use when your natural test production is shut down. Which Helladrol will do.


Of course, if you get shut down none of what I listed will do anything. But a few of the things in my PCT are of course, to prevent that. Helladrol is a mild PH, that's why I like it.


You probably paid a lot more for the OTC product than what you would have for AAS and are getting a fraction of the end results.


Well somebody at least teach him something. Mild ph's do shut you down. Otc supplements like pes erase can prevent gyno, and vitamin d and zinc and a good diet are probably the only useful otc "supplements". Going on a cut is probably the worst thing you can do at the cessation of any cycle. I would buy some Daa, a serm online for your rats (I recommend 6 weeks nolva at 20 mg- scientific studies show the bloodwork and positive response, and never do something like this again. I can understand avoiding injectables, but at least be smart with pct man. Keep the fish oil, multi, and creatine in pct. You can use fadogia agrestis (hcgenerate) but it will mostly only help with libido. Sleep, have sex, eat and maintain strength, stress little. Ive seen people her shut off of two weeks of max lmg version "tren" bombs. Don't think you are special.


Not her*... Here* (where i live)