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Taking My Manager To Small Claims


As you all know, I work at a TexMex Restaurant. On Cinco De Mayo, my floor manager, told me and a bunch of other serves to park across the street at Office Max. We did. Upon going back across the street after work, everyone had tickets. I got a court date for June 10th, for illegal parking. I've written the management office about, and haven't gotten a response. When I go to court, with the other 15 servers or so, will the judge throw out the case if we tell him what happened. Should I plead not guilty? Or will I still be held responsible as it was my car.

Anyways, about it, I'm not goign to pay it. I'll take my manager and/or restaurant to small claims.

Tell me what I should do.


Let me get this straight, someone told you to park illegally. You did and got a ticket. Now you wonder if the judge will throw the case out of court?

And you aren't going to pay the ticket. On what grounds? No, let me guess. It wasn't your fault. Right?


Did you know it was illegal to park there?

It sounds like you've already made up your mind.


Pay the ticket and shut your mouth and do your job. If you want to feel better about it. Spike the managers drink with a laxative and enjoy the show.


Hey man, im sorry to hear that. But be patient. Pay yout ticket, dont get mad, continue doing you job properly.

Sooner or later you will get the chance to fuck this guy up, as I said before, be patient and dont get into any more trouble.


half laxative, half ipecac spike.

bitch will think he has ecoli


If the ticket comes from the town or city you live in this is what I would pay it, then have management reimburse you the money, no need for court for petty lawsuit like this.

If it came from the Office Max plastic badge I would read the fine print on the back and see what the repercussions are, if nothing bothers you don't pay it at all and still try to have management reimburse you.

As for getting back go with donkey's idea, but remember stealth. You don't want a bunch of fucking chatty Cathys talking about what you did. The old adage three can keep a secret if two are dead is paramount here. Just do it and don't talk about it because this is a far more offensive crime than a parking ticket.


Pay the ticket because you earned.

Keep all recipts and paper work in the event you want to bring your manager to court.

Do a little research on what is needed to bring someone to small claims court in your state and then make the call - is it worth the money, effort and time?


Cool story bro.




I thought Visine eye drops did that and they're colorless/odourless


how much is the ticket ? lol


I would rather pay the ticket and do the ipecac/laxative thing and just enjoy watching him suffer.


I had the exact same thing happen to me except my car got towed and it cost $260 to get it out. I paid and then made him reimburse me. Basically he'd rather pay the fine than listen to me bitch :smiley:


So Spartan how is that tranny fetish workin for ya??? get any nice reacharounds lately??


Wish my boss was human and actually took breaks/drank something once in a while.

Shit, it's time to get up and go to work as well


First, go to court and explain what went on, you might get off or pay a reduced fine.

Second, there are 15 of you, so there is power in numbers. You can make your manager's life miserable in many small ways, just keep it to yourselves and don't talk about it. The best way to uck-fay the boss over is to follow his directions to the letter.

I had worked in a retail operation years back for this guy that was the ultimate prick and he surrounded himself with more of the same. He had the respect of no one and every one us us screwed him over at every chance. The upshot was that he was in line for getting "his own" store and was turned down since the one he ran part of was losing money and had a huge internal theft/loss problem.