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Taking My Life Back

After 30+ yrs Military, I ended up on Benzos for PTSD, Opiodes for chronic back pain, Ritalin for ADD from Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), and Ambien for sleep.

I wish to cause my body/endocrine system to produce most of its own stuff, not replace any, if possible. I’ve accomplished the following so far:

  1. Weaned completely off pain meds w/ Light lifting, Yoga, etc
  2. Tapered off Lorazepam to 1mg daily, .5 mg next month, then off (exercise helps stress ALOT)
  3. tapered off Ritalin to 5 mg/day, taking Selegiline (Deprenyl) 2mg/day for my own brain to produce its own catecholamines and delay inevitable cognitive decline anyway
  4. I’ll tackle Ambien next…
  5. I take Pregnenolone as a good base (30mg/day) good Whey, multi, and Calcium (1500 mg, Magnesium 1000mg, Iodine 12.5mg, non-drinker, no coffee, low carbs.

I knew Low-T may be caused by Opioids hence my chucking the Oxy and Codeine (for sure) and heavy lifting increases Testosterone. But after 18 months rehab and low activity levels (compared to my teens thru 40s (now 55) I can’t seem to burn fat and build muscle like I used to.
Had 138 total testo and my doc prescribed Fortesta, 4 pumps, immediate jump to 500 great sub 1.0 PSA post testo

Since I know I’m replacing things body produces naturally, how can I taper off Fortesta and get a
LH effect and higher T ? Masters BB buds have kick-started Test with Letrozole low dose 1x weekly for the AI effect.

Do low Benzo doses or Ambien work against Testosterone production like Opioids?

I did HCG diet, lost my 25 pounds I’m overweight during rehab, but despite worout and diet, still fatter than I did before injuries.

I feel alot more pain if I skip the Test gel, but I’d prefer to kick my balls into gear on their own…

Thanks everyone in advance. Great posts!